The Lighthouse Program is for you if:

  • You know it’s time to shine your light, but you’re not quite sure what that looks like or how to even start… BUT you’re ready to do the work and do the damn thang!

  • You have a dream or a calling to move into a new way of being, but you’re not quite sure how to get there.

  • You know how you want to FEEL, but find yourself repeating old patterns that leave you wishing for more, whether it’s in life, love, business or in health.

  • You receive spiritual guidance but don’t quite understand how ALL the pieces fit together to apply it in “real life”.

  • You’ve meditated, recited multiple mantras, pulled multiple tarot cards, keep seeing repeating angel numbers, have multiple positive affirmations posted all over your mirror but you’re frustrated because you haven’t seen your intentions translate into “real life” yet.

  • You’ve followed multiple mentors, gurus and programs but haven’t found a way that feels truly aligned and honors your unique gifts, talents, and personality.

  • You hear vague spiritual terms like “In Divine Timing” or “If it’s God’s will” and it makes you more anxious because you need something more tangible to motivate you and have peace of mind.

  • You’d like to tap into and deepen your connection to your intuitive compass and could benefit from learning an energetic tracking system to numerically assess and validate the alignment of your choices as you manifest your intentions.

  • You’re tired of impersonal cookie-cutter programs that dictate what you SHOULD do and doesn’t honor your own unique bright ideas and wisdom.

  • You want a program with plenty of coaching depth, detail AND lots of warm, non-judgmental, multi-dimensional AND down to Earth support!

  • You don’t like programs that pressure you into a long-term commitment or feed off FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out). THIS PROGRAM IS UNIQUE in that you have the option of signing up for the whole program OR only for the modules you feel you need.

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You’re okay with the status quo, hiding or playing small.

  • You don’t believe you have it in you to co-create a better world, live a purposeful and fulfilling life of intention or make your dreams come true.

  • You’re waiting for a magic pill to fix everything without your creative input or effort.

  • You prefer someone else to tell you what to do or how to live your life.

  • New experiences or ways of being and doing things don’t excite you or get your creative juices flowing.

  • You feel happy, fulfilled and content in ALL areas of your life and wouldn’t change a single thing. (That. Is. Friggin’. AWESOME! Celebrate and enjoy your state of being!)