My Toolkit

a list of tools that I use when I hold space

compassion- From years of being a parent, lover, nurse, and just a plain ol' human being, I've learned that there are deep levels of connection and love that can be unlocked simply by coming from a place of compassion.

non-judgment- From years of making peace with myself and the world I live in, I've discovered that stepping back from judgment allows so much more growth to unfold.

holding space- One of the most important skills I've learned from being a parent and a nurse: providing a safe and nurturing energetic environment for others to grow and discover the whole breadth of their being.

curiosity- Nurturing my inner child's wonder has guided me to follow the "trail of breadcrumbs" that life has laid across my path. It's led me to magical, fascinating and just straight up fantastical experiences and discoveries that have opened up my world to infinite possibilities.

science- My need for a tangible and measurable framework to understand how my physical reality works helps me to ground the "magic" surrounding us into "real life" situations. Observing and immersing myself in the power, beauty and immensity of nature and my medical background as a nurse helps to give me physical "proof" of how the Divine works through every single one of us while leaving just enough of the Unknown to keep me in wonder.

creativity- Through the playful expression of one's self through any form of creation, we exercise our birthright as Divine Co-creators. I specialize in creating experiences that facilitate divine self-expression through art, communication, and connection.

nature- As the saying goes, “As above, so below”. I believe that everything we see around us is a reflection of who we are inside. The microcosm is reflected in the macrocosm and vice versa. Being out in nature allows us to reconnect to the Divine within. It also provides helps us realize both our insignificance and irreplaceable place in the puzzle of of life. If nothing else, nature serves as a source of awe and wonder- essential aspects in living an inspired life.


love- Through and with love, ANYTHING is possible.

metaphors- "As above, so below" There is so much opportunity for understanding if we see everything and everyone around us as a reflection of the Divine. I find and help others see magic even in the most mundane by the simple use of metaphors as a basis of understanding. It's through using familiar concepts that we are able to work our way to understanding the unknown.

infinite intelligence- By following my curiosity over the years, deciphering patterns, feeling out the meaning of the symbolism all around me and learning to listen to the quiet voice of my intuition, I've been able to connect with the field of infinite intelligence that is available to ALL OF US. Working with multidimensional access points of information such as the Akashic Records, and our Higher Self, I help reconnect others to their own infinite well of wisdom so that they may find their own answers that are relevant and meaningful to their lives.

energetic transmutation- Learning Reiki opened my eyes and heart to the energetic nature of our being. My work as an intensive care nurse has shown me repeatedly how powerfully the flow and blockage of energy through thoughts, beliefs, attachment and restriction are all reflected in our physical reality.

quantum healing- through the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, I've personally witnessed, experienced and facilitated transcending time and space. Accessing the deepest parts of ourselves to connect not only with past lives in distant places but also with our true nature- divine, infinite, intelligent, playful, and loving- to provide instantaneous release of multiple levels of hurt is such a simple miracle that transcends the need of knowledge of physics to truly feel and understand.

calculated intuition- Using divination tools such as the pendulum has made it easier to make the intangible more tangible. Using logic in collaboration with intuition has enabled me to access infinite intelligence to “measure” the flexibility of time and read energy in a way that is practical and actionable in “real life”.