We are all Holding Space for the numinous & luminous in our humanness.

It is my passion to hold space for others as they explore all aspects of themselves and discover their divinity in their journey of self discovery.

Where will you take your journey? Where will you allow your journey to take you?

mapping your journey

Utilizing the Akashic Records, the following services offer a glimpse into your Divine Soul Blueprint- the map that your soul drew up when contemplating its journey through this lifetime.

The Akashic Records is an etheric library that holds all of the stories we’ve lived and may live. It is also known as “The Book of Life” in some cultures and is an energetic reservoir or registry that records and holds the collection of human thoughts, actions, feelings and events, both past and possible future. Through mindfully accessing this interactive library on your behalf (and only with your consent), I gather information that pertains to your current experience and present it to you in a reading to guide you in your journey. Discover your divine gifts, your soul origin and any limiting choices you've made in the past that affect your current divine self expression.



Feel Trips are experiences that allow you to take a trip to a vast and sacred playground- the universe within.

Connect with and explore your timeless, infinite and all-knowing self. Through guided meditation we open and hold space for self-inquiry and self-exploration. The technique that I use activates your senses and your emotions, putting you in direct communication and experience of the Divine within.



The world is calling for all of us to share our Divine gifts so we can fully connect as pieces of the puzzle for and with each other.

Discovery workshops and group reading and meditation sessions allow us to learn and appreciate not only our own gifts but the myriad of ways it can show up in the form of other people around us. It gives us an opportunity to discover and explore the different ways Divinity can express itself not just from your own perspective but from a broader group perspective. Discover how your unique “flavor” dances, shapes and plays with those around you.