Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique 



In my search for my own answers to life, I was powerfully called to explore a modality called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. It's a hypnosis technique that was developed and refined over 50 years by Dolores Cannon. What is so unique about this technique is that it is a safe and effective method to bypass the busy chatter of the conscious mind to access the infinite and all-knowing part of ourselves that some refer to as our Higher Self, Higher Consciousness, GodSelf, Oversoul, or simply Soul. Whatever you'd like to call it, it is basically the all-knowing voice inside you- the voice of your intuition- that has access to infinite intelligence.

The word "hypnosis" scares some people because it conjures ideas of giving up control to another person. But in this modality it's actually quite the opposite.  My only job as a QHHT practitioner is to guide you in and out of your inner landscape through a guided visualization meditation and hold space while you explore your own direct connection to your own infinite inner wisdom.

In this state of connection you are able to access past lives or even different dimensional states of being that hold key information relevant to your current life. After reviewing these relevant experiences you are then guided to a direct conversation with your Higher Self in which you can ask all the questions you've ever wanted to ask about life.

In this intimate conversation with Soul, YOU get to ask your own questions about ANYTHING in your life. YOU get to see, experience and tell yourself your own straightforward answers. You can ask about anything- from health issues, your purpose, career/relationship/finance, why certain events happened in your life, possible future events or even existential questions(I love those!). YOU also get the powerful opportunity to HEAL YOURSELF of any physical symptoms, if appropriate.  It's amazing to watch relief wash over client's faces as they realize just how simple the answers to life's problems can be when we listen to the truth that ALL OF US already know deeply in our hearts.

Whether you believe in past lives, time travel or the existence of our Soul or not, it's been my personal experience that each person has always received useful information in each session that relates to their current lives. 

Iā€™m so excited to share this experience, as it has been so fascinating to hear the stories that people have lived and watch their transformation right before my eyes.

PLEASE NOTE: QHHT Sessions can done IN PERSON in San Jose, CA or thru video online via ZOOM (client is responsible for providing and setting up their own access to reliable internet connection, ZOOM app, and appropriate equipment such as laptop and webcam or video capable smartphone).

$450/initial session (3-5 hours)

$250/subsequent session (1-3 hours)

*all sessions include an emailed video and audio recording of the session