How long does a session typically last?

A session can take anywhere between 3-5 hrs. We’ll spend about 1-2 hrs with a pre-interview, up to two hours in guided meditation, then 30-60 minutes to de-brief and review what was discussed during the session. 

Is there anything i should do to prepare for a session?


  • Start thinking about the intention you have in mind for your session. Make a typed or legibly written list of questions you want to ask during your session and bring a hard copy with you to your session(or email it to me the day before if you have a scheduled online session). The questions can be about anything from physical symptoms/health issues, career stuff, relationships, why certain things/people/events happened in your life, future events, or existential questions(I love these!). It’s like having a direct connection with your personal Google/GPS(aka your soul or Higher Self)- your intentions/questions/search topics direct what type of info you’ll receive during your session.

  • Focus on fostering your innate connection to the higher aspect of your being. Repeat a mantra such as, “I have clear and direct communication with my Higher Self. (Or Divine Aspect, Soul Self or whatever term resonates with you.)" both out loud and inside your own mind. Understanding that this expanded presence is within you and is an integral part of your being helps to clear the path of free flowing communication not only during your session but also in your everyday life.


  • Refrain from unnecessarily ingesting any stimulants(caffeine included), alcohol, or any mood or thought altering substances prior to our session. This includes prescription anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications . If you are on any scheduled medication, please let me know when booking your session so that we can time your session accordingly.

  • Clear your day. Allow yourself the time and space to be fully present and not feel rushed before, during, and after your session. Allow yourself time and space after your session to process and integrate what you've learned and experienced. It can be a lot for some people.

  • Dress comfortably as you will be laying down in one position for over an hour. Wear minimal eye makeup as crying is a common method of release experienced by clients during a session.

  • Drink lots of water. It will help facilitate detoxification that typically happens during a session.

  • Eat a light snack prior to your scheduled session. A session lasts at least three hours so avoid coming on an empty stomach to avoid being distracted by hunger(and a loud growling stomach in your recording).

  • Bring a snack(nuts, chocolate, or fruit) or whatever tools you prefer(crystals, essential oils, etc.) to use to ground yourself with after your session.

  • It might help to bring a notebook or journal for you to jot down any thoughts or insights that come to you immediately after coming out of hypnosis.


  • A QHHT session initiates a powerful connection between your conscious mind and your Higher Self that may last up to several days after your session. Pay attention to your dreams and any insights that come to you over the following days.

  • Re-listen to your recording as many times as you're called. The more that you listen to it the better you can assimilate and integrate the experience and lessons learned during your session.

  • Continue to drink lots of water as your body continues to clear waste and toxins from the process of release initiated during your QHHT session.


what can I expect during my session?

Please avoid having any strong expectations to allow for the best chances of ease in connection.  Each session provides a unique experience for each person.  Most people experience 1-3 past lives or experiences in other dimensions or states of being and are then guided to a direct "conversation" with their Higher Self.  Each person receives and perceives their connection to their guidance differently, so each experience varies greatly. The information each person is shown during a session is determined by their Higher Self, guided by the client's own personal intentions and questions.

Also, please note that it is common to experience a heavy physical sensation similar to sleep paralysis while under trance, especially during conversation with the Higher Self. This is a normal part of being under hypnosis, so there is no need to be alarmed. On the flip side, there are also people who move around freely and squirm around during the whole session. Some people have complete recall of everything they "saw" during the session while some people only remember certain parts.  Even with full remembrance, it typically starts to slip away upon waking, similar to a dream. Regardless, your experience will be purely your own and recorded for you to refer back to as you need.


In my experience, the most important factors for a successful QHHT session is TRUST, an open mind and open heart. 

Regardless of a person's religious background or beliefs in past lives, time travel, or the Higher Self, it's the element of surrender to the unknown that is key in order to facilitate a successful session. Because of this, there is a very small minority of people who might have trouble going into trance. There are certain types of personalities who have difficulty with hypnosis because of a strong resistance to losing control and letting go. A successful session is still possible with trust, patience, gentle persistence, and reassurance during the session. Once a client is able to trust (themselves and the facilitator) and surrender, it allows the client's full connection to their own inner guidance and wisdom to come through. It's okay to feel nervous or apprehensive about new experiences, but if you have any doubts, fears, questions or hesitation prior to the session, don't be afraid to bring them up so we can understand and address them prior to going into the trance part of the session.

Also, some mood altering substances or medications can "turn off" parts of the brain that are necessary to go into a hypnotic state. If you are taking any scheduled mood-altering medications(such as those for anxiety or depression), please let me know when booking your session so we can adjust the timing of your appointment according to your medication schedule.