Meet + Greet with your Spirit Squad

Meet + Greet with your Spirit Squad


Have you ever wondered about your connection with Spirit?

All of us are connected to multidimensional guidance, whether we're aware of it or not. 

Each of us have a squad of multidimensional guides  (sometimes called spirit guides) who help us navigate through the complexities of life.

Explore your connection with your spirit guides in this 90 minute webinar + guided meditation. 

In this webinar I share what I’ve learned from my mentors over the course of my spiritual journey, what has come up as I’ve served clients through Akashic Record Readings and hypnosis/guided meditation, and my own personal experience.

We'll discuss:

  • the roles your guides play in your life

  • how and when they come into your life

  • the different levels of guides in your squad

  • "negative" and "positive" guides

  • how you can strengthen or sever your connections with your guides

  • the different forms they may take

  • the different ways you can sense your connection with your guidance

I also guide you on a 30 minute FEEL TRIP- a guided meditation for you to meet and greet two of your guides and receive any gifts or messages they may have for you. A separate audio recording of this meditation is also included for you to listen to as part of your regular meditation practice or whenever you feel called to connect and consult with your Spirit Squad.

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