Over the years I’ve used various multi-dimensional modalities to connect people with spiritual guidance. Expansive soul level awareness through Akashic Record readings and deep soul level conversations through hypnosis and meditation have helped people heal themselves and connect with their soul's purpose and gifts. However at the end of 2018, despite all of the spiritual modalities in my arsenal, I was at a crossroads, overcome with anxiety, confusion and fear.

At the end of 2018, I was feeling stuck at a job I no longer loved but felt financially dependent on. I loved being a critical care nurse for the past 12 years but at that stage of my life my job felt disconnected from my passion. Craving change, I looked to others for inspiration to help motivate me to make the move I felt I needed to make. I ended up feeling pressured by seeing and hearing other people’s stories of overnight success. With a mortgage and family to support, reading and hearing about other people simply quitting their jobs to follow their dreams and being met with immediate success made me feel like I was a failure- failing myself by not taking the leap, giving responsibility the middle finger and just going for it.

I knew and deeply felt that there was a new way of being calling to me and yet I was caught in a heavy fog of fear, comparison, confusion and doubt. Although I initially saw this fog as a nuisance, I eventually realized it was a gift.

The heavy questions that rose from my discomfort guided me to follow my curiosity. I questioned, explored and researched all the different ways we are all built to create and move through our life journeys and I was led to learn a new method of tracking and reading energy and time.

In my search for clarity to help ease my way through this particularly uncomfortable phase of soul growth, I found a way to combine all of my learned modalities into a NEW comprehensive multi-dimensional process.