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Over the years, I’ve offered services such as energetic clearing, Akashic Record readings, holding space for deep soul level conversations through hypnosis and meditation, and helped people heal themselves and connect with their gifts and purpose. The Lighthouse program recently came through as the missing link that ties all the etheric channels of insight together and brings it down to Earth in a practical, actionable way.

The Lighthouse Program is a comprehensive navigation program for people who are ready to explore new ways of being. The dreams, visions, goals and possibilities that profoundly call to us are like new destinations within ourselves, just waiting to be explored and experienced. Our dreams invite us on a journey of transformation to discover new ways of being.

Transformation often involves discomfort. It’s hard to stay on the path when the fog of confusion, doubt and fear start to cloud your vision.

The Lighthouse program helps you to navigate through YOUR unique path of transformation that will align and lead you to your desired “destination”.


By becoming a bridge between logic and intuition.

It’s a common spiritual misconception to demonize logic and willful drive as antagonists to the flow of intuition. However in my experience, suppressing logic and my drive to create left me feeling lost and ungrounded. All my inspired ideas became stuck, swirling endlessly in my head without a structured and methodical way to bring them into reality. I eventually learned to embrace and use both parts of myself that carried equal weight instead of suppressing and pushing vital parts of myself away.

The Lighthouse program is a collaborative process that honors both the reception of the flowing inspired intuition of the Divine Feminine and the transmission of the logical, structured and action-oriented drive of the Divine Masculine. This program taps into your wholeness to bring your ideas to life. That’s how Creation works.

This Divine collaboration shows up in the Lighthouse program as calculated intuition. Using a combination of multi-dimensional tools and modalities, we tap into higher dimensional information from your Higher Self, your guides, astrology, the Akashic Records and your Soul Blueprint to:

  • help you activate the light within you to illuminate your heart’s path. (MODULE 1)

  • define and expand the vision of your specific intention, goal or “Lighthouse” not just to make it something tangible that you can embody, but also a full life that you can love to live. (MODULE 1)

  • recognize and lift the anchors that are keeping you in the old patterns of your current experience so you can clear the way to the new experiences that await you. (MODULE 2 )

  • familiarize yourself with YOUR unique Manifestation Blueprint- a breakdown of the unique schematics of YOUR ship that navigates through the seas of your experience. (MODULE 3 )

  • calculate and track the possible energetic pathways and timelines of your journey to your Lighthouse (MODULE 4 )

  • track the energetic impact and alignment of the ideas and choices you’re contemplating. (MODULE 5 )

  • plot the most efficient course of action that will make the most out of your efforts, time, and gifts. Track your energetic progress as you take new actions to see how close you’ve shifted in alignment to your Lighthouse. (MODULE 5 )

  • reconnect you with your own intuition and guidance you as you learn to use your inner compass. By the end of this 12 week program you’ll learn the tracking method that I use so you can read your own energetic position and readjust your course as YOU continue to navigate through your own journey (MODULE 6 )


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