The Lighthouse program is an immersive 12 week progression through 6 modules of clearly actionable Divinely inspired guidance. Light YOUR way through the fog of doubt, confusion and fear as you journey and transition into the life your are called to explore and live.

Over 12 weeks the Lighthouse program will guide you to:

  • get a clear sense- a bigger picture- of the bright future your heart has in store for you and the world. Activate the light within and let it show you the way- YOUR way.(MODULE 1)

  • remember the story of your wholeness and the truth of who you are. Remember and reconnect with your Soul's origin and Divine gifts. Reconnect with your purpose and empower yourself to become the Divine agent of change that you came here to be. Create new experiences and a new world from a place of Divine wholeness instead of separation and lack (MODULE 2 )

  • identify and clear any energetic multidimensional blocks, restrictions, and patterns keeping you stuck in cycles of experiences you no longer thrive in. (MODULE 2 )

  • efficiently manifest the life you envision. Understand your unique way of creating- your soul level Manifestation Blueprint- to make the most out of your journey. (MODULE 3 )

  • measure the possibility, probability and timing of your visions, ideas and dreams. It's easier to lean into "doing the work" with grace and patience when you can calculate energetic probability, track energetic pathways and timelines of possibilities you feel called to explore (MODULE 4 )

  • plot the most efficient course of action that will make the most out of your efforts, time, and Divine gifts. (MODULE 5 )

  • numerically track your energetic progress, impact, and alignment as you move through your journey with grace. With the Lighthouse method of calculated intuition, you’ll have a numerical measurement of the energetic “bang” each choice or action makes so that you can confidently lean into your decision making process using your own Divinely inspired intuitive ideas.(MODULE 5 )

  • experiment and explore your intuition and your spiritual guidance. With the logical numerical data available in the Lighthouse program, you’ll have a reservoir of “evidence” and validation to help you connect with and reflect on how your own intuition works. (MODULE 5 )

  • witness your journey through a higher perspective and gain a deeper understanding of any challenges and discomfort that can arise along the way. You'll have access to warm, compassionate and non-judgmental perspective and coaching support throughout the Lighthouse program. (MODULE 5 )

  • learn the innovative energetic tracking method that I use so you can clearly and tangibly connect with your own Divine guidance. Navigate through any aspect of your life with your own inner compass. (MODULE 6 )

The Lighthouse is NOT an end all be all system.

It’s simply a hand to hold through your process of transformation. It’s a bridge to help you find YOUR way to a new world.