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Bowfadem- slang \ˈbō-fä-dem\\
                    :  being the two :  affecting or involving the one and the other   

I am a Gemini to a fault. I feel schizophrenic at times. I'm all over the place; a jill of all kinds of trades, mistress of none. But when something catches my fancy, I'm obsessed and all up in it- for about a week or two.  I'm an OCD neat freak stuck in a lazy girl's body. I'm a scientist without enough patience to wait for results; an artist that rarely ever finishes a project, if I even get one started at all. I'm a feminist that still expects my man to be a man. I do things by the book, but dream up of ways to rock-the-boat. I am an environmentalist, but also favor methods of convenience. I am a mom who thinks kids are annoying (I'm just being real). I am a health nut who indulges in unhealthy vices a little too much.  I love interacting with people, but don't have the energy nor sustained interest for small talk and stupid/rude/ignorant/superficial people. I speak softly, gently and politely but think (and type) like a dirty sailor porn-star.  I am a stickler for good grammar, spelling and vocabulary but recognize that slang and commonly used shorthand is just a better method of delivery, when appropriate. I strive to make other people happy and the world a better place, but I look out for me.  It's hard for me to make and stick to a decision sometimes because analyzing and sympathizing with both sides of an argument incapacitates me.

Trying to reconcile my clashing personalities and expectations has been a constant struggle. What it basically boils down to is an inner battle between living the good life vs. living a good life.  I feel like I have two vastly different expectations of myself and the scale is tipped waaaay to one extreme or the other. I recognize that there's goodness in both sides and I just need to focus on the good and not dwell on the bad.  But eventually, I want to be in the magical state of living bowfadem.