Speaking of being seen and heard...

So the Soul Explorer Spotlight series is totally a thang now! I just finished my second episode last week and it feels so good to open up and have these conversations with inspiring people despite the learning process of figuring out falling iPads and the technical difficulties of the internet.

So, what is the Soul Explorer Spotlight, exactly?

The Soul Explorer Spotlight series holds space for individuals to truly allow their authentic selves to be seen and heard sharing their stories and their truth of who they're realizing they are. We are all in the process, not of finding what was lost (because we're not lost. We are all exactly where we need to be), but to uncover, unfold, and unravel the mysteries of the essence of who we've always been- just waiting to be discovered. This series of intimate conversations highlights the different journeys we take to explore our heart and soul's calling and where it leads us. It honors the uniquely different ways that we can choose to show up for life, for each other and for ourselves so that we can discover and strengthen the connection through our differences and realize that underneath it all, we are all truly One and the same. We were never alone.


I'll be figuring out a better process and play with different tools for upcoming episodes, so bear with me as I play and figure it out. But I'm always immersing myself in the connection these wonderful conversations bring. I hope you find yourself doing the same as you watch them.

Episode 1- I kick off the Soul Explorer Spotlight series with this introspective conversation with Katrina of On the Way to Wellness. We shared our epiphanies and A-ha moments as well as our questions and doubts . We shared our moments of growth and breakthroughs as well as our wounds and struggles. We basked in the sense of connection and encouragement we found in each other that stemmed from our feelings of isolation as we started on our journey of soul exploration. We also reflected on the growth we’ve experienced since we started putting the pieces of the puzzle together as we went over her most recent Soul Profile update.

Episode 2- I get up close and personal with Ayla Rose, director of Innerstanding at Live Lotus Yoga Studio. In her service to the community she’s brought together, she’s provided me with the only sense of “church” I’ve had with a group that I’ve felt deeply at Home in. This was crucial for me as it provided me with a sense of belonging when I felt alone in the “craziness” of my thoughts when I first started exploring my spirituality.

Charmaine Illenberger