I'm not chasing waterfalls. I'm creating them.

We are like springs from which our thoughts flow. From those thoughts that bubble out we form pools from which we manifest. When the thoughts that bubble up are aligned to our true Divinity(that we are powerful, safe, healed, whole, abundant, worthy, and loved Creators), the water in our pools are crystal clear, flow freely, efficiently manifesting a reality that reflects back to us the quality of our thoughts. But when our thoughts are clouded by anything that takes us away from who we truly are (thoughts of doubt, fear, judgment, lack, separation, powerlessness, or victimhood) our spring becomes muddied by these impurities and the flow becomes sluggish. The reality we create from this pool will reflect that and we'll feel stuck, unclear, stagnant, and experience life as a struggle, even if our intentions are "good".

Now, more than ever, it's so important to be a crystal clear spring. This "little" spring  with its barely visible gurgling flow of water creates enough water to overflow the man made barriers built up around it, traverse the paved path and flow down the forest floor to join and feed the river below. With the #noDAPL movement at Standing Rock and the realization that water is life, we're more aware of how impurities that get into our water supply can fuck shit up for everybody. Our spring of thoughts is the same. Each of us is a spring that feeds into the collective river that shapes our collective reality. If there are enough of us feeding the river with clean and clear water with our thoughts, not only will our individual realities be one that reflects our true nature (abundant, healed, whole, loved, safe, etc), but so will the collective experience. But if the majority of the collective is muddying their waters it feeds into the collective river and the collective experience will be murky- toxic, even.

So, how do we clear up the river? The only true control we have is over our own spring. We control the clarity of our thoughts and how much it flows out of us. Think AND act as if you're already whole, loved, healed and provided for. Once you see and experience how this is reflected back to you in your personal reality, your spring will just naturally and effortlessly start gurgling up even more purely out of excited creation of more thoughts and ideas as you expand on this awesome version of reality that you're now experiencing. Because of this increased flow, your spring starts to breach the barriers that previously contained you and your waters start to flow wherever it's needed. Your flow is now so strong that it effortlessly washes away debris and muck from everything that your thoughts and actions touch, even other springs.  

We can't force other springs to do anything they themselves choose not to do. But we can give them a brief glimpse of what it's like to operate from clear waters by washing away their muck with our own waters. How do we do that? By treating them how we would treat ourselves- as if they are whole, loved, abundant, powerful, healed and whole. If they can picture what it's like for them to be the Divine Creators that they truly are, they might be motivated to clear up their spring. Or not. They could also choose to continue to muddy their waters by believing they are disempowered, broken, unloved, weak, unsafe, and lacking in whatever they believe will make them "enough". That is the power of their choice, not ours.  

At the same time, somebody else can come up to us and try to muddy our spring by telling us we're not doing enough, we're not good enough, we're not smart enough, we're not strong enough or that we're simply not capable.  If we're truly operating from our true selves, the powerful flow of clear water will just wash that shit away. But if we choose to accept that belief it's like holding on to the muck and then generating your own as you start to make choices that reinforce the muck that was introduced into your spring. That's the power of YOUR choice, not somebody else's.

This election can feel like somebody just dumped a ton of sludge in our springs. You have two choices. You can wash it away with your clear spring waters by choosing to think and act out of your Divine Self, increase your flow through your unique creative expression so that it clears out faster and reach out to others with your waters. OR you can choose to keep the sludge in your waters by building higher barriers to separate you and "protect" you from those who dumped the sludge in your spring, effectively making your spring more stagnant and murky. That is the power of your choice.

So if you've read this far, I'd like to do my part to help clear the waters. I've been doing this thing called Soul Realignment, which is a karmic and energetic version of clearing the waters. If you are aware of your potential as a divine creator and you're ready to do your thang, but feel like you have muck in your pool that's slowing your flow, keeping you stuck or clouding your clarity, I would love to help. If you're interested, please email me at (iholdspace @ gmail . com). I am trusting that this will reach the exact people who truly need this service and are truly ready to do the work, so I'm offering this to the first 3 people who choose to ask for it. I'm offering this service purely as an energetic exchange for your potential powerful flow of fresh clear water. I love waterfalls and we need as much clear water flowing as we can get.