How to handle your shit in the rain

When we left San Jose on Monday it was raining. Apparently, when we arrived in Maui we brought the rain with us as well. Because of the rain, on our drive through the Road to Hana, all the waterfalls I was excited to see weren't graceful and picturesque as I anticipated. They were raging and had this yellowish brownish tinge (reminds me of C. diff. poop that I'm so familiar with in my work as a nurse. Yum.) And when I went to the O'heo Gulch at Haleakala National Park, which was supposed to be the highlight at the end of our long drive, we learned that the pools were closed to swimming because of the rain. Sure enough, the waterfalls were raging and the water was colored that familiar uninviting tinge of brown.

This totally reminded me of KV and her wonderful lesson from her Moon Vibe Guide ( about "pools" which really speaks to how I've been living my life this past year. Basically, how she puts it is that each one of us lives and manifests our reality from a pool of energy around us, similar to a pool of water. The cleaner, clearer and calmer the water, the easier it is for you to create or manifest a pleasant reality or experience. Regardless of your intentions, if your pool is clouded with murky stuff or shit, then you'll probably have a shitty experience. Any time you hold on to negative thoughts and beliefs that reinforce an experience of lack in yourself or others(not enough love, health, resources, time, knowledge, energy, etc), powerlessness, victimhood, separation or "me against them", it's like shitting in your own pool. And even when you're doing your best to keep your pools clean, there are times when outside sources like heavy rain can come and muddy up your pools.

And just like our trip to Maui, as a planet and its people, we're in a time of heavy rain, folks. We're being bombarded by negativity by the news, the media, politics, and even by people around you. If you wanna go THERE, we can even talk about how we're being fed negativity in our food and water, sprayed by negativity in our air, and how our planet(our solar system and galaxy) is moving into a higher energy area of space that is literally shaking and heating things up and amplifying everything, including negativity. But just like rain, periods like these are necessary. Rain makes waters muddy and can bring flash floods and high waters that close pools down for swimming, just like it did when we went to visit O'heo Gulch, which can suck. But the rain also serves a purpose when it does that. It stirs up the dirt, debris and all the yucky poo poo all around us and within us in order for it be washed out and carried away.

So what do we do in times like these? Let's use the debates as an example. You could easily avoid getting affected by the rain by not watching it all together. But let's pretend your mom is visiting and she insists on watching the debates so she can be "informed"(insert eye roll emoji here). And so it starts to rain in and around your pool. The wind starts to blow all kinds of leaves and debris into your pool. As you watch and listen to the antics from the debates, the shit from Hillary and Trump's pools are carried by the heavy rains that flow into the stream that feeds the raging waterfall and gets dumped right into your pool. What do you do? 

When you watch the debates, the moment that you get caught up in the negativity on display, start to make judgments and get all angry, the focus and the energy that you put on your judgments and anger is like energetically picking up Hillary or Trump's poop that's floating in your pool, yelling at it, screaming obscenities at it, which in turn makes YOU start shitting in your own pool- all while still holding on to somebody else's poop. I don't know about you, but eww. No thank you. You could also thrash around in your pool in defiance, in a frantic attempt to scoop all the debris and shit out of your pool. But what it really does is just chaotically churn the water even more, mixing the debris, other people's shit and the shit you're now spewing as you get caught up in this literal shit storm, making it harder for the natural currents to just neatly and effortlessly carry it all away. 


You could also easily just watch the debates and not latch on to any of the negativity that comes your way. It's like just watching the poop and debris as it floats along, carried away by the strong currents brought by the rain. You can even throw in a cute, "Eeww. Yucky poo poo" as you wave goodbye to the shit that you know is not in alignment to your truth and has no place in your pool. That's all you really have to do to kiss that shit goodbye. You don't even have to exert any effort to keep your pool clean. Because just like the waterfalls and the pools at the O'heo Gulch, nature has its own effortless way of getting rid of things that don't belong. They park rangers know this and just close the Gulch to leave them undisturbed and let nature do its thang. Nature don't need no pool boys! The currents will eventually carry away the debris and shit that doesn't belong in your pool and deposit them along the banks somewhere downstream where nature will put them to good use. And the light that you radiate in acting from your awesome authentic self, unfazed by all this shit, is so strong that it acts like a UV light that automatically disinfects the water in your pool from any residual germs the poop might've left. It's just a by-product of being your awesome self. Nature is always effortless. It's how we're meant to work. 

We are, in our truest essence, unfuckwithable. So, when it rains and pours and shit storms happen around us, don't get caught up in that shit.  Although it rained for a good part of our trip, we just went along with it. I wasn't able to swim and enjoy the pools at O'heo Gulch during this visit, but you'd better believe I was splish splashing in my own "pool" and having a blast during our whole trip. Surrender to your true nature and let nature take its course. It'll get handled every time. Trust. Once the rains subside, the winds settle and the waters calm down, you'll be able to splish splash, swim, jump off the cliffs and enjoy the waters in your pool again. I guess this just means we'll have to come back to play with you again some other time, Maui. Mahalo for teaching us the spirit of aloha.