Hi-Vibe! ✋🏼

This photo came up in my Facebook memories the other day and it was an urgent reminder of how important it is to be You. We've all read numerous memes and watched inspirational TV shows and movies expounding the virtue of just being yourself. But I wanted to emphasize on a deeper level how and why it's so important not just on an individual level but on a collective level as well. 

I wish there was a simple "real" measurable scientific way to explain the crucial importance of being You, especially during these times. The only way I can explain it is to share the trail of breadcrumbs I followed and to share, super simplify and breakdown what I've learned, my thought process and personal experiences to hopefully help others understand. But please keep in mind that my attempt at explaining something beyond scientific measurement will be inherently limited as well.

Let's start at the beginning. Contrary to our "normal" physical senses, our bodies are not just fleshy blocks of matter. When we drill down the chain of building blocks of matter, we'll find that at our essence, we are energetic beings. Our bodies are comprised of body parts that are made up of various types of tissue that are made up of cells that are made up of molecules that are made up of atoms that are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons that are made up of zipping quarks and maybe other undiscovered subatomic particles. None of these particles are static. They are in perpetual motion, zipping about in a guesstimated cloud of space. I've always envisioned these particles similar to stars, planets and other heavenly bodies orbiting, hurtling, floating around in the vastness of space. 

The area our bodies occupy is then a nebulous cloud of energy, similar to a galaxy. Using this analogy, the movement of our subatomic particles is kinetic energy, as they zip around in constant motion, similar to the millions of stars, planets and moons in constant motion in a galaxy. Surrounding those planets, stars and, moons and comets is a vast expanse of space, which correlates to the vast reserve of potential energy that lies within us in between all the zooming subatomic particles. And just like a galaxy(a collective of millions of stars, planets, moons, and asteroids)that radiates its own unique energy frequency signature when viewed from a telescope millions of light years away, our own human body, as a collective of all those vibrating particles, also has its own energy frequency signature as we emanate vibrations. For those few who can see, they refer to it as our aura.

Although some people are capable of seeing auras and inventors of photographic equipment claim to be able to capture images of auras, unfortunately their claims are not accepted by mainstream society. Science has not developed methods nor technology to validate nor disprove the existence of auras, and although I've never seen them with my two eyes, I've definitely felt them. 

Even though our "normal" physical senses don't perceive these energy signatures, we've all sensed it at one point or another, perhaps without even realizing it. This is because our thoughts and beliefs determine our "vibe". Have you ever felt so happy that you felt like you felt so expansive and light as if you were floating on air? Or have people complimented you on your "glow" when you're feeling especially exuberant? Or have you ever been stricken by fear so bad that you literally felt paralyzed? Or have you laid in bed unwilling to move for days at a time when you've been been consumed by sadness? 

As illustrated by water molecules when heat is applied, higher energy states correlate to faster frequencies of vibration and expansion. Lower energy states correlate to slower vibrations and contraction. People usually describe feeling higher energy states when feeling states of happiness, love, and inspiration, especially when "in the flow". Lower energy states are usually felt when feeling sadness, fear or disappointment. As beings of energy, our ultimate expression would be that of a frequency of vibration so fast that it appears still, similar to how a hummingbird's wings can flutter so fast as to keep it still in mid-air.

People can also sense other people's energy signatures without really knowing why. The popular term "vibes" refers to the inexplicable sense or feeling of another person's energy. "Good vibes" usually implies an energetic sensation from another that promotes feelings of well-being in another and "bad vibes" connotes the opposite. I never gave these terms much thought until putting together powerful experiences from my past and the stuff I've learned along the way in my journey.  

I distinctly remember this particular incident because of the heightened emotional circumstances at the time and the special people I was with. A couple of friends and I were seated in a restaurant immersed in thoughtful conversation with each other. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a couple seat themselves at the table right next to ours. Although I was in the company of friends, engaged in deep conversation at our own table, once the couple seated themselves, I felt uneasy. I didn't look their way nor did I pay attention to their conversation but I just felt generally uncomfortable. I did notice from the corner of my eye how listless they both seemed and I found myself feeling listless myself, so I instinctively moved my purse and myself away from them and scooted closer to my friends.  It wasn't until maybe ten minutes later, after they had left, that one of my friends brought attention to the couple and my reaction to them. We all then commented how uneasy we all felt when the couple sat down, even though we didn't know anything about them nor pay direct attention to them. I'm sure most of us have had similar experiences at one point or another of feeling a certain discomfort in the mere presence of certain people, but it was a message from a deceased patient that solidified in my mind how much more powerful and meaningful a positive energetic interaction can be.


For my first ever Reiki session, I was blessed with an awesome practitioner recommended by a dear friend, who also happened to be one of the friends present during the previously mentioned incident. Before our session began, she mentioned that during a session, "things" come through her and she asked if I'd like her to share them during the session. Not really knowing what to expect and out of curiosity, I said, "Sure!" As our session commenced, she mentioned that she was getting a message from an insistent gentleman who had passed on. Not having had much experience with anything remotely supernatural or otherworldly, I was a little skeptical. 

Prior to this experience, the only people I thought would ever attempt to communicate from the "other side" would be deceased relatives or close friends, so I initially had trouble figuring out who it was when she described the gentleman as bald. I thought of my grandfather because he was my only deceased relative who was bald, but he passed away long ago when I was only five. She further described him as Caucasian with tufts of white hair right around his ears. Being Filipino, I didn't have any dead relatives that fit that description and was perplexed. So I expanded my mental search to my patients. 

As an ICU nurse, I've had my share of patients who've passed away under my care, but I've rarely let myself get emotionally attached. So the number of patients who've left an indelible mark on me were very few at that point in my nursing career. I could only think of one bald deceased patient, but I didn't think he would ever have a reason to try to contact me from the "other side". When my Reiki practitioner hesitantly described him as "not very nice", I laughed because I knew it was him.

Unknown to her, the gentleman she was describing was the first patient whose death I cried over. This patient was a frequent flyer in our unit as he suffered from heart failure and had frequent and prolonged exacerbations. He was elderly and unmarried and did not have any family nor any visitors. Possibly because of this or maybe the other way around, he was notorious for being grumpy and rude to the staff. Although he was often in our unit, the only time I took care of him was the night he passed away. 

Despite all of the medical interventions he went through, his heart failure was not improving. By the time I had him as a patient he had made the decision that he had enough and changed his code status to DNR- Do Not Resuscitate, should his heart stop beating or he take his last breath. Refusing treatment with life-prolonging medication and machines, his lungs were backed up with fluid and his heart was tiring out. My normal nursing style is to fuss over my patients, catering to their every need, but this gentleman didn't want that. He explicitly asked to just be left alone that night.

To honor his request, I kept my nursing care and presence in his room to a minimum that night. I only went in to do my assessments and give scheduled medication. Since I only had few opportunities to be in his room, each time I was in there I made sure to ask if he was comfortable and if I could do anything to help him. Although he had a reputation for being a grump, I was respectful and polite to him as he was to me.  

As his blood pressure dropped lower and lower, I would peek my head in his room occasionally to ask if he needed anything, but he would always say no. There wasn't much for me to do except watch the monitor from outside. When his heart finally stopped, it made my heart ache to know this man died so alone. That was the first time I shed a tear for a patient and his memory remained with me ever since.

When I finally told my Reiki practitioner that I thought I knew who it was, she relayed his message to me. Without her knowing my line of work, she told me that he wanted to thank me for helping him when he passed away.  Through pouring tears, I remember telling her guiltily, "But I didn't even do that much that night." He told her that my presence whenever I was in the room with him made him feel safe, protected and cared for. Since this was my first "conversation" with someone who'd crossed over, I asked her if he was okay. She told me that he told her that when he was alive he always felt a heaviness in his chest, but now he feels so light. She continued to tell me that he showed her an image of him walking in a field of flowers. I bawled like a baby in celebration of his freedom, and all I could say was, "I'm glad." I still didn't understand how I could've made that much of a difference since I was barely in his room that night, though.

Again, not knowing what line of work I did, she explained that I had a bubble of white light around me. She described me keeping to myself at work, isolated in a room (which is funny because my co-workers always tease me that they don't even realize I'm working some nights because I spend most of my time in my patients' rooms or keeping to myself whenever I work at the far ends of the unit), but whomever is in the room with me within that bubble felt safe, protected and comforted. She cautioned me to stay away from the negativity of the people outside (which made me laugh because she perfectly described some of my co-workers whom I naturally stay away from anyways) so that I could maintain that capacity.

Later on, as I learned more about spirituality and energy, the deeper I understood the implications of my patient's message and that encounter at the restaurant. Those experiences gave me powerful examples that demonstrated what I've been learning. The white bubble was the vibrational expression of my being and others have their own bubbles too. The bubbles are different sizes and colors, depending on your energetic state. The bubble expands and the vibration increases in frequency when in a high energy state of acting from love and grace, acting in service, and being aligned with the truth of ourselves. Whomever comes within the vicinity of another's bubble can "sense" the other's energy, one way or another, and vice versa. 

If our frequencies or "vibes" resonate, we empower each other on so many levels, promoting feelings of well-being, even if we're unaware why.  If our frequencies DO NOT resonate, it creates a dissonance that feels like an inexplicable discomfort. It's a perfect reminder that the most powerful and lasting impression you can make, beyond wealth, physical or mental prowess or recognition, is how your energy- your being- makes people around you feel.  


So if all we are is energy, what holds us together as a body, separate from the floor, separate from each other, separate from the air around us? Consciousness. Watching this TEDx talk was such an eye opener that helped me understand the processing function of the brain in relation to how we view "reality"(https://www.ted.com/talks/jill_bolte_taylor_s_powerful_stroke_of_insight?language=en#t-501561). It is our perception of ourselves as a separate being that makes us separate. It is consciousness that drives what we do, what we think, and who we believe we are in relation to everything else. It's consciousness that sets up our reality, both how we perceive it and how it perceives us. We are finite separate individuals because of our consciousness, but it is our energetic make up that makes us inextricably part of the inifinite All. We are bowfadem.

Just like there are billions of cells in our body specifically made for a specific purpose and function, with distinct physical characteristics suited exactly for that purpose, so are we as an individual human being on this planet, at this specific point in time in this existence, along with the billions of other humans on Earth. I believe that each of us came into existence with a very specific unique combination of physical, emotional, and mental characteristics, with a natural propensity for certain skills, just like the individual cells in our body. From infancy to adulthood we develop those characteristics and skills for a very specific purpose that's unique for each individual, each of us a one-of-a-kind puzzle piece in the huge collective masterpiece called humanity. And just like each cell in our body works in perfect synchrony with the billions of other cells in our body when it's in perfect health, so are we, as individual humans, meant to function as a part of the human collective- in service to others for the betterment of those we connect with.

As humanity evolved over the years, with a multitude of beliefs and values that have been passed on for generations, the value of the unique expressions of individuals has been eroded. If we listen to what society dictates is of value these days, we are all supposed to strive to be images of financial success, with high-powered high profile careers and perfectly chiseled bodies. The uniquely shaped individual puzzle pieces we were intended to be are now being cut into generic squares, not so we can link up and collectively form a beautiful masterpiece, but so everybody can be properly sorted and stored in a box. People are suppressing their innate characteristics, their uniquely individual beauty, skills, talents and personalities to conform and fit into society's orderly and easily controlled box like everybody else. The square mold that society has upheld as supreme has made those who have retained their unique puzzle piece shapes the rarity and have become the ones who no longer fit in. If we go back to the analogy of individual humans as cells in a body, it's like a body now dictating that since brain cells control most of the body's functions, it is the most valuable. And because it's the most valuable, the body starts making more brain cells to increase its perceived value.  Most of the cells in the body are now trying to change themselves to be a brain cell to satisfy the body's demands. Doesn't sound healthy, now does it?

This is where we are as humanity. We're at the point as a civilization where we realize that the beliefs and values that have guided most people's consciousness are not steering us towards the upliftment of humanity as individuals nor as a collective. 
We're at a crossroads because we can either perpetuate those false beliefs and misguided values to our ruin or start an alternative course of action- the one that points toward and celebrates the truth of who we are. We need to set ourselves back on the path to re-discover ourselves as unique individuals, powerful creators, energetic beings of love who are collectively infinite in spirit. 

We are individual manifestations of Creation, who, when fully and purely expressed, connect and empower each other in a beautiful harmonious masterpiece. If humanity were an epic symphony, each of us would be a unique instrument that made a sound like no other,  irreplaceable in how it uniquely harmonizes with, accentuates and complements all the other instruments around it. If humanity were a painted masterpiece, each of us would be a fleck of paint absolutely unique in color, texture and shape, irreplaceable in its vibrant contribution to the whole picture. If humanity were an epic puzzle, each of us would be an irreplaceable puzzle piece with the exact size and shape designed to connect exactly with the other pieces that surround it to complete the picture.  Or you could just be a square piece of cardboard stashed away in a box. Or simply just an insignificant fleshy block of matter on a big rock, aimlessly flying through empty space. The choice is yours. It always has been.