Grateful Living, Grateful Dead

Not too long ago I had a vision of setting up a dying resort- a place where people could comfortably die in peace and/or celebration. It would be a middle ground between hospital and home so that the environment isn't as cold and impersonal as a hospital while providing a buffer for families who can't bear to have a loved one pass away in their home. I wanted to help people recognize that death is not the end but a transition and should be welcomed, not run away from; celebrated, not feared; understood and not shunned. Death is part of the journey back Home.

As an ICU nurse, when I look at my patients and learn or hear their life stories, I keep thinking to myself, "if only they let go of that resentment", "if only they let go of the need to control", or "if only they stopped giving away their power" these patients wouldn't be here. It's sad to watch them get worse or come back to the ICU repeatedly as they perpetuate their patterns of thought. But it's also been totally awesome to witness that spark of light in them and watch them transform and heal. It's been such a blessing to actually witness the moment when they recognize their fears and issues through a simple conversation and actually watch and feel them become lighter and see their faces light up as they shed that burden. It healed me and made me lighter as well.

Although I still feel very passionately about death, I'm shifting my focus to living. Maybe if those healing conversations are had earlier, it would prevent a trip to the hospital. Maybe when people learn the true way to health through living true to themselves it will make hospitals as we know it obsolete and change the current medical paradigm.  Maybe if people learned how to love and live fully, people will learn to face fear. Maybe if people learned more about their true nature, and in turn, the nature of Creation, they will understand that their spirit endures and they will learn to let go and let it flow. Maybe if people realized how powerful and free we all really are, they won't give their power away so freely. Maybe if people learned how to live gratefully and gracefully, they will see death as a friend and learn how to exit with grace as well. And maybe there won't be a need for that dying resort after all.

Working on turning "maybe" into "truly".