The Magic Pill. It Does Exist.

Health is at the epicenter of several multi-billion dollar industries all clamoring to be the one to develop the holy grail of medicine- the Magic Pill. Whether it's the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, exercise and fitness, holistic and alternative health industries (even religion) - they all strive to claim that they offer THE answer to everyone's ailments. I'm here to let you in on a secret. You've had the Magic Pill in your hands all along.

Let's take Dopamine, for example. As a nurse, Dopamine is one of many drugs we give to patients to help them heal and buy them a little more time to hang out in this world. From a super simplified physiological sense, dopamine is a neurotransmitter, which through complex biochemical mechanisms, critically affects the central nervous system and plays important physiological roles in the regulation of olfaction, retinal processes, hormonal regulation, cardiovascular functions, sympathetic regulation, immune system, and renal functions, among other things. Doctors take this into account and in the critical care setting I work in, it is ordered as an inotrope to increase the heart rate and improve cardiac contractility. As a nurse, my tangible interaction and healing experience with Dopamine is that it is an intravenous medication of clear solution that comes in a 250ml bag usually given when a patient's blood pressure is low, the heart needs a little extra oomph and/or the kidneys need more blood flow. Scientists took years of research (and millions of dollars to fund said research) to understand, develop and produce it to offer it to hospitals to help "save lives". It's easy to forget that it's something the body naturally produces.

On an every day functional level, Dopamine is also known as the Motivation Molecule, as this article calls itIt is an integral part of experiencing and feeling euphoria, happiness, motivation and provides a zest for life. Dopamine deficiency is often considered as a factor in many mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. 

From a metaphysical perspective, our body was Divinely designed to naturally produce this chemical as a direct guidance from Spirit. It's a way for our spirit to directly communicate from "the ethers" into this material and physical existence through our body and physical senses to reward and motivate us when we're following a path that enlivens our spirit and raises our vibration. It is like a translator from Spirit to body, giving us a high five or a pat on the back to let us know we're on the right track. Conversely, the sluggishness, anxiety and poor motivation that result from the lack of Dopamine are also direct messages from Spirit that you're barking up the wrong tree.

So putting together all these components, when Dopamine is used in a medical setting, it could temporarily boost your body, giving it momentary pep as your body, following the direction of your thoughts, tries to heal itself. It's not the Dopamine that's healing you, but your own body, as directed by your thoughts and Spirit. But if you continue to perpetuate the thoughts that Spirit was trying to tell you to change by lowering your Dopamine levels, it doesn't matter how much Dopamine is pumped into your body. You will not heal. But if you shift and make the adjustments Spirit's been trying to communicate for you to make, your body benefits from the outside help, acts accordingly and starts to produce more intrinsic Dopamine and your body starts to heal itself. Every cell in our body is a connection to Spirit.  Our aches and pains, our emotions (the "good" and the "bad"), our diseases and illnesses- all messages.  Spirit is in constant communication with us. We just need to listen.

So, what IS the magic pill? It's not something you can buy. It's not even anything you can grow, even if it's non-GMO or organic. It's not anything you can build nor is it anything anybody else can give or do for you. It's YOU. All these drugs, machines, treatments, food, supplements, exercises, crystals, elixirs, etc... They work to some extent because they help YOU connect to YOU. Anything that can help YOU discover, be and love YOU is healing. 

A sugar and fat laden cupcake can be healing if it allows you to savor the sweetness of life. But if that same cupcake (or a dozen) is used as a band-aid or distraction from other issues that's really troubling you, your body will let you know by making you feel sluggish. If it becomes a habit, you might even develop diabetes because Spirit is trying to tell you through your body that you need to quit eating cupcakes and just deal with the real issue already (I'm trying, okay!). Just like exercise can be healing if it empowers you and you wholeheartedly enjoy it. But once it become an obsession or it becomes an escape or a means to perpetuate poor body image, your body will let you know. You could develop chronic aches and pains, injuries, or stress-related illness. 

Wanna know why Cannabis helps heal? Because it loosens inhibition and connects YOU to YOU. It loosens rigid conventions that prevent some people from being themselves. Wanna know why exercise is good for you? Because it empowers YOU to witness YOUrself performing such marvelous physical feats. Wanna know why being in nature is so healing? Because observing nature helps you learn things about YOUrself. Wanna know why love heals everything? Because it IS You. 

YOU are the Magic Pill. You are the answer you've been looking for all along. You. Because YOU are love. The journey lies in discovering that for yourself. Journey well.