Creation, the master Maestro

So the last two days have been awesome. I've been wanting to see my sister and have been planning a trip to SoCal to visit since Thanksgiving. My last minute schedule switches at work were approved but my worries over money made me vacillate between going and canceling the trip altogether. Finally I just said F*ck it and made  hotel reservations. Little did I know, that by being open to what tugs at my heart and saying yes to what I'm being asked to do without judgment, I was fully opening myself up to possibility.

What I didn't know was that my hun was cooking up a surprise for me that solely depended on whether or not we would take this trip. When I made the somewhat last minute confirmation that we were going, he made arrangements for my surprise. My Hun is a knife aficionado and I always roll my eyes whenever a new one comes in the mail (like every other day). I'm so not into knives, but he found a particular knife he knew I'd like and find useful while doing his usual knife research. He said it reminded him of me and started talking to the knife maker who happened to live in Morro Bay, which we'd pass by if we took the trip to SoCal.

So he suggested we stop by Morro Bay for a couple of days before we make our way down to LA. I've never felt drawn to Morro Bay. It's not particularly known for good food, no spectacular coastal views that could rival Carmel, no forest to frolic in. All I knew was there was a big rock in the water. Despite my preconceived notions about this place I've never been to, I was open to it. Besides, you can't really go wrong with being by the ocean.

So off we go and I told myself to let go of any expectations. We were all together as a family, so that was good enough. We were hoping to make good time during the drive to make it there to watch the sun set, but we missed it. Could've gotten upset, but the twilight stroll, dinner and movie we enjoyed was awesome. The next morning was our appointment for my surprise. It was pouring rain, which could've put a damper on our mood, but the mist just made the view of the mountains and the beach that much more beautiful and "mist"ical (giggle). 

When we drove up to my surprise I still had no clue what it was and My Hun said last minute that on second thought, I might not like it. I promised him that whatever it was, it'd be awesome because he put so much thought into it. Although that gave me a clue that it might be knife related, I told myself to be open to it and boy, was I rewarded!

We parked in front of this house and I commented how my Hun's outfit matched the house. There were stacked rocks and a Buddha on the porch so I thought maybe he arranged for a couples massage. A tall guy with a shell necklace and a big warm smile opened the door and my hun's first words were, "She has nooo idea why she's here." As I walked up the stairs, I really didn't know what to expect. When we reached the top, there was an ornate mat laid out on a table with four knives. I knew it! But I wasn't disappointed at all. 

I was asked to choose one. I eyed the knives laid before me. They were different sizes, had different handles and blades with different looks and textures, and felt differently in my hand. He told me about each knife, the materials used and the process and technique how to make each one. He told me his own story- his own process and the mentors and pathways that he took to shape him into the form he's in right now. As his words unraveled, it added more character to each of the knives I held in my hand. 

When I was asked to choose, I sheepishly said I like the look of this one, the texture of the blade on that, and the size shape and feel of this one, and the grip on that one. I looked at My Hun with puppy dog eyes and he OK'd for me to get a custom knife. I got to select the material and aesthetic for both the blade and the handle. I asked for a do-it-all knife that can split wood for kindling AND finely mince a clove of garlic as well. A bowfadem kind of knife, you know? 

Don, the knife maker, told us more stories about the synchronicities he's experienced that illustrated how perfectly the Universe works to put us in the exact situations we need to be in to make connections and learn the lessons we need to foster our growth. With a view of the bay, standing next to a warmly lit fireplace, it was such a beautifully spiritual experience that we got to share. If I let my ego try to manipulate or edit this scenario in any way, I don't think I could've orchestrated nearly such a beautiful symphony. And if I let any of my preconceived notions or judgements cloud my perception, I wouldn't have enjoyed the experience nearly as much. 


Judgment defines the size and shape of the box that you live in. It is the walls that your ego uses to sort your experiences and interactions with the world, only allowing into your space those you've judged as "good" or acceptable and keeping out the "bad". The more rigid your rules that you base your judgments on, the thicker and denser your walls are, giving you a perception of safety and control. But those same walls that keep all the "bad stuff" out also keep prevent a whole world (or Universe, even) of wonder from coming into your perspective. Those walls that make you feel safe are also the ones that confine you, preventing you from enjoying the full variety, range, depth, and breadth of experiences available to you. 

Now imagine if you had no walls around you. Nothing to separate you from everything that surrounds you. It leaves you vulnerable, but it's in that vulnerability that you're able to fully experience the world.  Each experience felt fully and completely to allow you to be immersed in the richness of each moment getting the most out of your existence- because why else would you be here? 

So break down the walls. Let go of judgment. Allow Creation to reveal to you the masterpiece that is available all around you.


As we drove back to our hotel, my hun asked if we had an umbrella so we could stroll around town in the rain. I told him with nonchalance that no, we didn't have one. But it didn't matter.  As we walked back out of the hotel, the sky was bright blue and the sun was beaming. It was as if Creation sensed that our walls were down and it was listening to our sparkling dancing hearts and said, "Let me give you something to dance to."