I listened to Me

Funny how the Universe works... So I took my own advice last night and made some quiet time for myself at around midnight. The kids were in bed and although there was a long list of chores I could've potentially worked on, I compromised. I threw a load of laundry in the wash and drew myself a hot bath. Our house is almost 40 years old and our bathroom is in need of renovation, but I had a pounding headache and I NEEDED a relaxing soak. I wasn't going to let my lack of a spa tub in a pristine bathroom deprive me of some quiet healing time. 

I had whipped up a batch of lavender chamomile bath tea while brainstorming for the workshop I'm hosting in two weeks and decided to go ahead and pamper myself with it. I turned off ALL the lights in the house, stepped in the steamy yummy smelling water and melted into the water's warm embrace. As I let the water cradle me, I felt myself relax. My mind was still racing, as I have to admit, this upcoming workshop has been stressing me out a bit. Worry was starting to creep up on me again. I was starting to think of dollar signs again instead of the work I'm feeling called to do. I imagined my worry slowly melting into the water around me. Then it dawned on me that I had no reason to worry about the money. 

Just the night before, I was given the opportunity to make a little extra money at work. Out of a hunch, I grabbed my phone to calculate it out and wouldn't you know it- the extra money I just made was eerily close to the maximum amount of money I could've potentially made from the workshop if there was full attendance and every single person paid full price. It was only off by $30. 

Relieved, and in awe of the Universe's wondrous ways, I sank back in the tub to ponder what this could mean. I got quiet and felt out my answer- It's the permission to play without worrying about the monetary validation that I felt I needed. Since I'm still feeling my way around this new direction I'm headed and making new connections, I felt like it was the Universe's way of telling me, "Don't worry about that right now. You go ahead, have fun and play. I got this." Earning that extra money took care of the block that was preventing me from having fun with this new adventure. The quiet voice inside me was reminding me to leave room for my "...Or Better". 

Feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I stood up from my bath and realized that my pounding headache had gone away. I thought about how much people need some quiet healing time and how wonderful it would be to share this experience with everybody. Of course, cramming everybody into the bathtub wouldn't be practical, pretty nor sanitary, but I could do the next best thing- share how each person can make their own quiet healing experience in their own bathroom FOR FREE. Build a foundation of healing connections- FOR FREE. Foster a healing community- FOR FREE. So, as a holiday gift from the Universe, I offer to share my workshop FOR FREE.  My hope is not just to send you home with bath salts and scrubs but to send you home with tools and knowledge to help set yourself FREE. This is my wish for myself and it's my wish for you too.

So on December 6, I'll be holding space for us to learn, play and heal but space is limited.  So please register to reserve your space at http://handmadeholiday.eventbrite.com.