What does your Lala Land look like?

People have different ideas of what dream-states really are. Some think that our waking world is the illusion while dream-states are the "real" world, similar to the movie Avatar. Some people explain dreams in psychological terms as the mind's way of releasing and working out subconscious messages/problems, while others think it's the physiological result of your brain reacting to a certain recipe of biochemical soup that your body serves up. Whatever dreams really are (which I personally think is all of the above and then some) I've found that writing them down has been both therapeutic and inspiring.

It's been almost a year since I started my dream journal. I almost always dream in my sleep and like many, I usually have trouble remembering them as soon as I wake up, unless it's a horrible nightmare (SPIDERS!!! Eek!). And before I started my journal, I never really thought much about dreams. But when I started opening up to exploring spiritual matters, I started paying more attention to my non-alert, non-waking thoughts. I initially started writing what I saw during spirit journeys and for some reason that I don't remember, I just started writing my dreams. They're pretty similar in the sense that my mind gets to work out problems in a different light and it's also when it's most open to solutions and guidance from the ethers. The difference is that when I journey, I almost always choose to go to the Upper world where it's spacey, floaty, flowy and free form compared to my dreams, where it's more of a Middle World and the settings are more like everyday places but where anything can happen. 

No matter how crazy, weird, or non-sensical a dream may seem at first, when I start writing it down I start to understand how it applies to my "real" life and connections are made just in the act of writing it down. Sometimes I'll wake up from a weird dream, but too lazy/tired to write it down. I'll consciously rehash the dream to myself and tell myself to write it down when I wake up, but it usually gets lost. So I really try to write something down even in the dark, half-asleep because sometimes even just one word written down can help trigger me to remember. And that's also why my entries are only barely legible, as if written in a secret code that only I can decipher. With a year's worth of dreams in my little notepad, it's turned into sort of a tarot deck for me. I'll randomly open it to a page, start reading and find something in it that applies to my concerns for that day or just be inspired and smile. 

In my first dream entry I dreamt that I woke up from being drugged/kidnapped in a parking garage structure full of parked cars. Each floor was flooded halfway so the cars were floating in water in their spaces and there were people in all of them. There were also people just floating in the water itself. I was the only one awake and I was trying to wake people up. I was getting so frustrated and felt myself drifting away, shaking my head thinking, "It's so easy if only they just tried." Then I floated away to a college frat party where I was trying to calm people down from freaking out over an alligator that went missing from the inflatable pool in the front yard. It might not make sense to others but it made total sense to me.

Since talking to others about dreams, I've been surprised to hear that not everybody dreams. Some have said that they usually just black out when they're asleep, while others have described just being surrounded by a bright white light. I usually dream in an everyday setting where anything can happen, which seems to be common, but I've heard others describe their usual dream settings as "alien" landscapes and them flying. And what's even more interesting is that some people DO naturally dream, but choose to suppress it by taking medication. They said the strangeness of their dreams freak them out, which is funny, because here I am, trying to bring out, understand and embrace all the strangeness I can squeeze out of myself.

Out of curiosity, do you dream? If so, how would you describe them? What are your most memorable? Any recurring dreams? Do you find meaning in your dreams?