Divine Timing > Ego's Schedule

I'd like to take a second to just give huge props to KV (@aquariusnation on IG and Etsy) . She is so on point with her high vibe astrology. I've purchased several of her astrology products (birth chart book, soul's purpose and prosperity gate guide) and they've been so uplifting. Reading my birth chart book/soul's purpose was like reading a biography written by a wise lifelong friend who sees, knows and speaks only the best in me.  Coupled with her prosperity gate guide, her words have become comforting tools to help me confirm that I'm pointing myself in the right direction.

The dates listed below are when my prosperity gates are supposed to be open. The period of time in between them is when the gates are closed. 

It was around late 2001 when I started thinking about switching careers and going into nursing. A little over a year later I commited to it and got laid off/quit a stable job, moved back in to live with my in-laws to help us save money, and lived off of unemployment, grants, loans, and financial aid. We weren't rich, but I was in a learning phase, gathering skills/experience/knowledge necessary to fulfill that calling to be a nurse that moved me to tears. And guess when I first started working as an RN? November 2006. Since then I haven't really had to think about money. We were able to buy a house, I bought a car with cash, and I was able to support the family while Joey quit his own job to go back to school for his own BSN. 

Then I was hit with huge inspiration around August 2014 again. I was literally moved to tears and started getting the itch to want to quit my job again to focus on shifting to other more spiritual avenues of healing. I've felt my magic, healing and purpose totally come through with such clarity over this last year. After taking a bunch of classes and workshops, reading a ton of books and just feeling the calling, I thought I was ready to jump in and make this my new gig. Although I reduced my hours at work, ready to make this my new gig, something was just off.  When I attempted to try to make big moves, the momentum behind them just kind of fizzled out. Either there wasn't really that much interest from people, I lost the drive to make it a "thing" and/or I ended up just wanting to indulge my own curiosity to learn instead.  I was starting to be hard on myself, but I came to accept that maybe the timing just wasn't right for all that action and it was just a time to just BE and integrate and truly embody all of the stuff I've been learning lately. When I got my prosperity guide yesterday and looked at the dates when my gates were open and closed, it totally makes sense. 

Now I know why and it's such a HUGE relief as well as confirmation that I really am in tune with something and I just need to always go with my gut instinct. I don't have to feel bad that I'm wasting my time or missing the boat on ANYTHING and I can actually just enjoy this phase. It's just super helpful to have these dates so I can kinda anticipate and have an awareness of when to start shifting gears just in case my radar doesn't pick up on when the winds shift again. 

So it looks like field/heal trips, gathering experiences/skills, and just getting out there and "being" will be on frequent rotation for the next eight years and I'm totally looking forward to it. That totally takes the annoying uncomfortable pressure off to keep trying to force something before I and the Universe are optimally ready. Because, truly and ultimately, it should always be about doing things for the Highest Good(the most optimal result) for all concerned anyways. Divine timing always wins over my ego's demanding timing. Huge. sigh... Of relief.