Wishes do come true.

Ever since I've started my new schedule with reduced hours, I've been hard on myself for not using my free time productively. I haven't started working on the business I wanted to start, haven't scrubbed the house clean like I had planned, haven't worked out as much as I should have, nor made up the money I gave up when I switched to working lesser hours.  I've found myself pining for a new car and a new house, thinking of a life other than the one I'm currently living... Which I'm just remembering,  is exactly what I had wished for just months ago.

When I had the opportunity to whisper a wish to the Universe (in person!), I didn't wish for a sexier body(is that even possible?! ;D), more money, a successful business, a better or cleaner house nor car, nor for super successful kids. All I asked from her was fun. All that my heart called out for in that moment was meaningful fun. None of that other stuff. Since that fateful conversation, life has led me on a path to exactly just that. A position magically fell into my lap that allowed me to basically be on a week-long vacation every other week. But instead of enjoying that friggin' fact (a fantasy many wish for), I've been making myself feel bad for the long list of things I haven't/should've done. So instead of squandering this time scolding myself into misery, I'm going to make the most out of my wish and the Universe's wonderful handiwork. I need to stop making myself feel bad for enjoying what I wished for. Fun. Meaningful fun. I didn't ask for that other shit, so I need to quit raining on my own parade and just be grateful and live the life that I wished for... The one I have right now. And it's pretty fucking beautiful, if you ask me.