Magic- It's what all good things are made of

In a Facebook conversation several months ago, someone had said something about how ridiculous cartoons were these days that showed a world of nothing but unicorns, rainbows, and feel good magic when the "real world" is filled with danger lurking around the corner.  I would've agreed several years ago, but these days, I think it's essential to believe in magic. Why? Because it's what all the good stuff is made of.

You can't deny that there's "magic" in the warm feelings a smile, a heartfelt hug, or even long distance loving thoughts can give. There's magic in the feeling of awe when you look at a cascading waterfall, a majestic mountain, or even just a rainbow from a burst of water from the garden hose on a sunny day.  If we relied purely on the material science of our current reality we wouldn't have love. If we relied purely on the reality of today's medicine there would be no reason for people diagnosed with terminal illness to continue living. If we lived purely according to the reality of today's competitive survival of the fittest world, there would be no room for compassion.  If we relied purely on the reality of today's economics to survive, there would be no room for purely creative endeavors.  It's the things beyond logical explanation that bring flavor to life.  

I've asked myself why I've felt the need to consult psychics, seers or astrologers, something that I didn't do years ago. It's because during my lowest, when I'm stuck in the reality of a disheveled house, a seemingly endless list of things I haven't accomplished, overwhelming walls of sadness surrounding me, not seeing any clear direction to steer my life towards, when I feel like I have nothing to offer the world, their insight helps me fly 30,000 feet above to see the bigger picture, to help validate the Me that I sometimes have trouble seeing and acknowledge the value I have to offer the world.  Seeing beyond our immediate physical reality can give needed hope. The hope that "magic" brings can drive life.

If all we could see was the "reality" of fear and competition, the world would be a pretty dark place to live in. "Magic" brings light and color to the world and rounds out the rough edges of stark physical reality. Just like with the contrast between darkness and light, we need a little magic to contrast against reality to appreciate the fullness of life.  TV is already full of reports on the "reality" of war, economic doom, and shootings.  If it takes a channel full of cartoons about unicorns, rainbows, and googly-eyed sprites to keep the magic going, then sign me up.  I never want to grow up.