Living in a Zombie Apocalypse... And, no, you don't need cardio.

My 7-year old daughter makes me smile when she talks about magic, third eye, portals, and seeing and talking to her guides. Several days ago, she made me realize that she also has the gift of dream. She woke me up the other morning and told me that she had a weird dream. She said that she was in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and that she had a super power of turning some of the zombies back into humans. But she became overwhelmed by zombies and she had to blow herself up with TNT and became a giant version of herself. She said she woke up after that, flustered. I asked her if it was because she was scared, she said she wasn't sure. I shared my interpretation of her dream with her- that we are limitless souls bound only by identities that we buy into. And once you free yourself from limiting beliefs and identities, you grow into your infinite self. So I told her that she just watched herself break free and let her soul come through. 

After being with Joey for so many years, I started buying into the fear of the possibility of a zombie apocalypse in the future. I stopped making fun of him when he suggests to stockpile food and finally became okay with his firearm collection. I loved watching The Walking Dead until recently when I got scared that maybe by watching it and believing in its possibility, I might help bring it into reality. But what I'm realizing now, after having several dreams and listening to Malaea's dream, is that we're already living our own version of a zombie apocalypse.

CHEEEESE! Gotta make that chedda!

We already live in a world driven by fear and perceived lack. This is the "strain", the "infection" that turned most of the world into zombies. Most of the population today lives in a zombie-like state. Fear is what drives most of us to live by our most basic instinct- survival. We do anything at any cost to perpetuate our existence in this body because we believe and fear that this one body is all we'll ever have. 

Out of the fear-driven survival mode grew competition. Zombies. Must eat. Eat or be eaten, which then turned into kill or be killed. Survival of the fittest. Feed, clothe, shelter, and protect. More food, more land, more weapons, more stuff, more money. More than the next person. More. MORE. MORE! And, hence, the illusion of lack. And now, it's all about getting that paper, making that money, hustling til you drop. And we're driving ourselves into destruction, destroying our environment, our fellow man, and ourselves by perpetuating these beliefs.

We don't need to watch TV or look to some imaginary future to imagine what it'd be like to live in a zombie apocalypse. We're already deep in it. How to get out of it? Just like in Malaea's dream, the way out is by "blowing yourself up". Destroy the paradigm that perpetuates this "reality". We are not limited to just this one body. This is only one of the countless vehicles of experience we'll have. If we get past self-preservation and the need for more, there will be more than enough. Yes, for everybody.

What causes us so much misery is the clinging to this one vehicle and the fear that we'll never have another. Can you imagine how free you'll live, knowing that you're not chained to this one existence? You'll be free to make all the mistakes, take all the chances, and love all the people, even if it means you'll die tomorrow. You'll be free to squeeze every drop from this one life and live it to its fullest because you'll be free from the fear of dying. 

Once you're free from fear-driven self-preservation, you won't care how much you have or don't have. You won't be stuck in the vicious cycle of "get money". You won't be filled with paranoia, looking over your shoulder, in fear of who's out there to take jack you. You won't be tied to your possessions. There will be no need to accumulate because there will be enough. You will be free. And can you imagine how much more beautiful the world would be if every single one of us was too?

We feed this zombie reality by living in fear. Dream beyond what we have now and know that there is more. We need to break free from the shell of fear. So, go ahead. Blow that shit up. We cannot change unless we're willing to break free and let go.  Stick some dynamite in it and watch the fireworks and watch your spirit soar.