I have nothing to give or teach you, but I have all of me to share.

I don't have to "be" a life coach to share guidance. I don't have to "be" an artist to share my art. I don't have to "be" a crafter to make stuff. I don't have to "be" a photographer to capture images/moments  that I feel are beautiful. I don't have to "be" a nurse to heal. I don't have to "be" a mother to nurture nor "be" a wife to love. I don't have to "be" skinny, buff, or curvy to feel good/sexy/beautiful. I don't have to "be" a saint to be kind. I don't have to "be" a warrior to have strength. I don't have to "be" anything to be worthy. All I have to "be" is me and I am instantly and infinitely nothing and everything without even trying.

I've been struggling the last few months, wanting to do so much, but having so much apprehension. I felt directionless because I wanted to do so much, but hesitant to commit to a direction. I've been wanting to share my healing but stopped myself because I wasn't an "official" healer who "knows" what they're doing. People have come to me for guidance and I hesitated because, well, "What do I know? I'm not a certified life coach...yet" I've been wanting to create and share my creations, but kept telling myself, "Why would anybody want that? You know nothing about making [insert anything]. You're not an 'artist'". I've been wanting to write a book, but didn't know what to write about or even where to start. I've been wanting to start a business but that voice in(and outside) my head keeps telling me, "You're not a businessperson. What do you know about starting or even managing a business?" And with every idea that's popped up that I wanted to pursue, when I express them to others, they ask,"but I thought you wanted to be such and such first?" All of these preconceived notions that come with the identities I wanted to be were preventing me from moving forward, preventing me from doing the things I was already doing anyways. I didn't have to "be" any of those things. All I have to be is me. Just because I want to heal doesn't exclude or preclude me from wanting to create art (they can even work together). And just because I want to do one thing doesn't mean I can't go back to the other. We think we live in a linear world but we need to start thinking multi-dimensionally.

Who I "am" is a constant state of flux and the only true me is what I'm experiencing in this exact moment. So I shouldn't be bound by labels or identities because what I was three years ago or even three seconds ago is not what I'm experiencing now. I just need to keep experiencing. All of the good and as much of the bad as I need to. Bowfadem. No, more like Alladem! And it's OK. It's all OK. "Good" and "bad"- they're just labels. I can be a caring ICU nurse one day, tired and bitchy mom the next. Lay on the couch all day, go to the gym the next, then spend a healing day at the beach with a friend on another. And the Universe is guiding me and giving me the support and opportunities everyday to do that. And just by being me and sharing (not giving!) Me with anybody who needs Me, I am already doing everything that I wanted to do to begin with.

We are not meant to labelled or fit in a box. We are here to blow the box wide open and explore
everything in and out of the box. Blow that shit wide open and live.