How do you True?

My truth is unknowable, at least in the sense you and I "know".
It's not contained in a book, in an encyclopedia set nor in the terabytes of data served up when you ask Google what's true.
It's not read nor spoken, but felt, like a glow.
It's not dictated, memorized nor taught by rote,
but smiled, hugged, glistened and waved as each moment flows.

My truth can't be confirmed by experiment, only by experience- 
like the promise of fun brought by the sound of ocean waves coupled with the sight of blue skies, 
wonder and amazement at the insignificant greatness of ourselves when gazing at glistening stars against the inky black night, 
and the comfort inexplicably and instantly delivered by a mere warm touch of a caring hand.
It can't be measured by any finite means but best gauged by how big my heart swells with each deep breath.
Because truth always feels expansive, sometimes painful, but it will always truly set you free.
It can't be held nor locked up with a key, which is a good thing, because I don't have to worry about it ever being kept away or stolen from me.
And if I tried to paint you a picture, sing you a song, or write you a novel you may or may not agree, 
because you and yours will never be exactly the same as mine and me.

So when you ask me, "How do you know?", I just do.
Words alone can't express my truth 
but hopefully through these few,
It'll help guide you to find your own, and maybe, you'll be okay to "just know" too.