I AM GOD'S GIFT TO WOMEN!! And men, and babies, and plants andanimals...

During a soul soothing conversation with friend, I suggested that instead of putting herself down and anticipating the worst, she could celebrate herself and her gifts instead. She then asked me, "How DO YOU celebrate yourself?" I paused for a second, because I honestly wasn't sure. After a few more seconds of contemplation, which felt more like a few hours, here's what I came up with.

Being Filipino, it's considered rude to toot your own horn or show off. Being "mayabang" is usually frowned upon, so it took me a second to answer. There's two parts to the question, really. The first is "What parts of myself are worth celebrating?" I tried to run down a mental list. When I came up with some stuff that I thought I was good at, I had to ask myself, "Well, DO you celebrate any of that?" My reflex answer would've been no, because I don't usually wave a flag saying "Look at me, I'm the bestest ever". But what I realized that I DO do is share myself- not just my strengths/talents/gifts, but also my moments of weakness and doubt- through my photos, my writing and the stuff that I make. And sharing myself is an act of celebration.

When I decided to open myself up to let myself be seen on social media and on my blog, I opened myself up not only to people I knew but to errrrbody else who could look(And judge! The horror!) if they wanted(huge shift for me).  In choosing to be seen, there was a conscious acknowledgment that I felt my being was worthy enough to be seen and had enough value to be shared with others. One of my partners in my intuitive coaching class told me recently that the Universe takes care of people through me. Malaea told me before that her guides told her that my super power was to grant other people's wishes. And in her heart opening book Outrageous Openness, Tosha Silver proposes that the Divine works through us to make magic happen for other people and that we, "in all our full, authentic, and wounded glory", are the highest expression of the personal Divine. A recent post from modern.yogi on my IG feed beautifully read, "We all have something within us that the world needs." And yet another gem I read from goddess_rising on IG always stuck with me-"We are students and teachers for one another... We link up with those that have pieces for us, that we hold a piece for." In short, I'm God's gift to men! LoL. But seriously, I am God's well-thought out gift for all the people I'll interact with in my lifetime, just like every one of you were put on Earth as God's gift for me.  And if I didn't fully embody my true self, I wouldn't be doing justice to the real Divine reason why I'm here. No path or dogma conceived by the ego dictated to me can compare to what the Universe has up its sleeve for me.  We are all a special piece of this Earthly puzzle and we can only fill that space by fully showing up as ourselves. Each one of us is here to affect the world with our being, no matter how few or how many friends you have or people you actually know. To the 10-20 strangers I smiled at throughout the day, the eight patients whom I sincerely did my best to look after, the six nurses I earnestly tried to lessen the load for, my two kids whom I hugged, the man whose arm I kissed as he slept spooning me on the couch, the 40-50 people who's posts I liked on FB and IG, the potentially 20-30 people who will read and like this post on FB (and the few more who'll read this anonymously)- I am God's gift to you because s/he thought My being was a brilliant idea. Multiply that by 365 days x every year of your life, and you'll realize how far your You-ness reaches.   

And so that's how I realized how I celebrate myself- by doing my best to be the Me-est Me I can be AND sharing that through a smile, through a post, through a hi, through a like, a :D 😍 or a :* 😘, a hug, a gentle butt wipe, through a drawing, through a photo, through a loving thought, through tears or a laugh and just throwing it all out there for anybody who needs it and for the Universe to see. Because if I gave a gift to somebody, the last thing I'd want is for it to be unopened, hidden in the dark, collecting dust just because it decided it wasn't good enough. 

And just as I was trying to help a friend who came to me in need, her simple and sincere question spurred a healing revelation in me. She held out a gift for me as I offered one for her. We were there in deep conversation on the phone with each other at that exact time as The Universe's healing gift to each other. That's one helluva reason to celebrate!