I'm a hoarder to a fault and as a blessing(bowfadem!) . I keep plastic food containers, cardboard, dead/broken plants, glass bottles, furniture, old tattered clothing and shoes. Then I bring home scraps of wood, fabric, foam, tree trunks, rocks, seaweed and even more glass bottles. It really pains me to throw anything away.  The McGyver in me keeps saying, "You're going to need that one day! Hala!" My Hun keeps getting on my case and I can see why. The house gets totally cluttered with all this stuff, but I can't help myself. I see beauty in everything that I keep. "If I just sew these things together, I can make a totally cool couch-bed-thingy." "I can totally make these tree trunks into a totally cool coffee table." "These bottles will look so cute holding something awesome that I've made." "This seaweed looks totally cool. I just need to find a place to put it."  And so all these things that would've otherwise been tossed aside gather dust in my home until the perfect combination of an idea, free time and space strike when I can make them shine. And when that perfect moment happens I'm like a proud mommy. Making broken/throw away things (and people) shine makes me shine too. I just wish I had a better way of keeping my "collection" under control until their time to shine comes. -UniverseMe

Milk bottle and broken branches from a house plant
One of many air plants that died at my hand turned into the perfect hair accessory for Miss Thang
Seaweed safari courtesy of Pescadero and Malaea
Pescadero gifted me with perfect props for a Shrek adventure on the mantle with Malaea's art in the background and Keahi's origami in the foreground.