Trying to digest my conversation with the Universe in trying to find my purpose and here's a little visualization exercise that came to me that might help others: 

Sit/lay in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Breathe deeply, expanding your abdomen with each in breath, and relaxing as you breath out.  Imagine yourself coming home after a typical day of work/parenting/hustling.
Get naked
Put down your purse/wallet with your driver's license/passport (any geography based ties). Take off your uniform(your occupation). Take off your apron/toolbelt/"duster"/pajamas (your home identity- Mom, Dad, auntie, uncle, sister, brother, daughter, son, etc.). Lay down your kippah/cross necklace/scapular/prayer beads/hijab, etc (religion). Take off your jewelry and/or make-up (social status). Take off your underwear (gender roles).  Then shed your skin (weight/age/race/skin-based identities).
There. Doesn't that feel better? So much weight off your shoulders(literally!) Take a minute to enjoy how that feels, to only be You.

Be still.
You might get the urge to throw some clothes back on, because You might seem like a stranger without all those clothes on.  You might not recognize Yourself staring at You in the mirror.  But be still and get to know You. What do You want? What do You LOVE? What will make You truly vibrate with joy? That's the only thing you should be asking yourself, because that's truly the only thing that matters. If you can't visualize something concrete, just visualize yourself vibrating with joy and love and capture how that feels, and use that feeling in "real life" to guide you to find it.

Now, you can work on BEING You. Take a look at the pile of "stuff" on the floor that you've just shed. Is that really what makes You you? Sift through it and see if there's anything in there you'd like to put back on. But the rule is, only wear what feels good and what you're willing to ROCK! Try on your skin. Does that make you feel good, or does it weigh you down?  If it feels good, keep it on!  If it doesn't, leave it off. That's not what makes You you and you don't have to carry the weight that comes with that identity.  How about your underwear? Do those panties feel a little tight or do they make you feel sensually vibrant? You choose whether or not to put them back on. And your jewelry/make-up? Does it make you feel good or is it too much work trying to maintain it? You decide. And how about your rosary? Does it feel heavy in your hands when you pick it up or does it give you focus and faith? Maybe a different accessory would feel better, or maybe none at all? You choose. How about your house clothes? Does your apron make you feel warm inside or does it feel constricting? Does the tool belt give you a sense of purpose or does it weigh you down? Does your little girl nightgown(your role as a daughter) feel secure or does it feel like you're being treated "like a kid"? How about your uniform? Does that suit and tie feel like it's choking you or does it help you feel like that vibrant You? And how about that driver's license/passport? Does it complete your You outfit or is it something you'd rather leave in a drawer?

So, how does the new outfit feel?  Does it feel as good as that vibrant, naked You? The outfit might still feel incomplete, but hopefully it feels better than when you first started. After shedding all those layers, you'll have a better sense of what you do and don't want. You'll have a shopping list of sorts to guide you as you figure it out. And when you start to feel lost or dull again, don't worry. Just get naked and do it all over again. Life is like a bountiful mall for you to choose from. And the best part is, everything in it is all free.