I've never really taken criticism well and I'm usually a people pleaser, so over the years I've made multiple promises to different people to change whatever it was that bothered them about me. Sad to say, but I haven't kept many of those promises, probably because it's hard to change who you are. This year I wanted to embrace all of me-even the me's that others shake their heads at. This article (http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/4859769) has taken me so close to that finish line. It's such a relief to hear/read that there IS a good reason/explanation for most of the things I'm often criticized for. 

-My "messier mind"(and living space). I'm just really complex, okay!
-Daydreaming (I daydream INTO my phone)
-Taking pictures of everything and wanting to post about everything
-Staying up all night when I should be cuddling in bed
-Preferring to stay at home on the couch to daydream/brainstorm some more 8 times out of 10. The other 20%, I'd like to be eating/drinking something yummy or be surrounded by beauty I can gawk at (and take pictures of and/or write posts about)
-getting distracted because I have such a long mental to-do/ to lookup list stashed somewhere in my head, that when something from that list pops up, I feel like I have to do it right then and there or else I'll forget about that list again
-stalking people online (research)
-my lateness(cuz I'm always in that "flow state" you know!)
-always being in scavenger mode and bringing home rocks, plants, seaweed, big ass tree trunks because they're all so pretty!
-being willing to pay money to be locked up in one of these: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isolation_tank If only we could afford to remodel our bathroom so I can have a nice clean bathtub to regularly escape to.

So quit buggin', people! Just pull up a chair, sit back and watch my creative process work its magic. ;) Make sure to get some popcorn ready, though, cuz it might take a while to see results. And I can't promise it'll be good. Because, remember, I'm allowed to fail. A lot. But when it's good...