Who's teaching who?

Spending the last couple of days with my babies made me realize that I have the two best teachers of life in front of me.

My 5yr old has taught me how to persevere and never be afraid to try new things- no matter how hard it might seem, how many times I might fail, and how crazy/silly/weird I might look doing it- and to celebrate every little victory.

She teaches me to be confident, inquisitive and to speak my mind, no matter how silly the question, how embarrassing the answer might be, or how annoying she might sound. Most importantly, she teaches me how to stay fierce, no matter what. 
I only learn from the best!

And my 14yr old? He proudly proclaimed that his most significant contribution to my knowledge base was teaching me how to sneak drinks into the movie theater. Where would I be without him? LoL. But seriously, I have so many emotions when it comes to this guy. Above everything else, he teaches me forgiveness. Underneath the perverted jokes and his goofiness, he has such a sensitive, caring and gentle soul which I wish I could've nourished and protected more while he was growing up. His capacity to see good even when he's not always given good makes me so hopeful for him.  I hope nobody ever takes that away from him. Not even me, my weaknesses and my mistakes.
You're a f***ing winner, boy! Get it!

Hopefully one of these days I can return the favor and teach them a thing or two about life.  Do as I write, kids. Not as I say nor do.