MODULE 5 | Light the Way
to Sep 15

MODULE 5 | Light the Way


We’ll spend the next six weeks together to plot a course of action towards your Lighthouse. We’ll put together what we’ve covered in the previous modules in practical, action oriented steps to move you toward your Lighthouse. You’ll have FULL ACCESS to my toolkit as resources to support you along the way.


This six week module includes:

  • Two online group sessions with Feel Trips (guided meditations) to connect you to your guidance (hosted through Zoom)

  • Six weekly 1:1 online sessions which give you FULL ACCESS to my intuitive, energetic and practical toolkit to help you set your course:

    • calculated intuitive readings to help you track shifting timelines, the energetic impact of choices you’re contemplating, energetic results of new actions you’ve taken

    • energetic status updates on your manifesting status (from MODULE 4)

    • guided meditations if you need additional communication with your Spirit Squad (choose from any of the listed Day Trips)

    • practical, actionable “homework” to help motivate, prioritize and organize the process of your journey

  • Deeper practice and experience with tangible “proof” of your intuition and role as a Divine Creator

  • And, of course, holding safe, non-judgmental, and compassionate space for you to process any discomfort that might come with the process of soul growth

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MODULE 6 | Take the Wheel
2:00 PM14:00

MODULE 6 | Take the Wheel

If you still have a long journey ahead, don’t worry! I won’t leave you hanging. In this module I share with you my process for calculated intuition that I use in MODULES 3, 4, and 5. You’ll learn the comprehensive basics of divination using the pendulum as well as my specific process of accessing multi-dimensional energetic information to navigate yourself through your journey.


You’ll receive:

  • Crystal pendulum (specifically tuned for Akashic Records and multi-dimensional access)

  • Pendulum basics manual

  • Dowsing protocol for energetic navigation

  • Laser engraved dowsing grid

  • Online group tutorial session on Sunday, September 22 @ 2pm (recorded and link emailed to you)

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MODULE 4 | Navigating with the Stars from Where I Stand
to Jul 28

MODULE 4 | Navigating with the Stars from Where I Stand

Have a vision or dream in hand, but you’re not sure whether it’s even possible? Or is your vision SO VIVID that you can taste it, but it feels like it’s nowhere near coming to fruition?

If you’re someone like me, who can feel a dream so vividly but patience isn’t your thing and you anxiously wait and wait for it to come to life and maybe even get discouraged when you don’t see it coming, DON’T FRET! If you’re getting tired of telling yourself (or hearing), “In Divine Timing…” and your nerves are getting the best of you from waiting, well I’ve got a lil’ sumin’ sumin’ for ya.

THERE IS FINALLY A WAY to translate the vagueness of “Divine Timing” into tangible Earth time! If you need to “know so you can let go”, this module is FOR YOU. Not only can you get a reality check on your dreams, you can also get a read on possible timelines, and a forecast of the cosmic weather ahead.

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MODULE 3 | How Does Your Boat Float?
to Jul 22

MODULE 3 | How Does Your Boat Float?

Have you ever followed other gurus’ and mentors’ teachings but never quite experienced the same results? No matter how closely you follow someone else’s path to success, your results will never be exactly the same.

Just like boats, not everyone is built to manifest the same way. Some boats are built for speed, while some are meant to go slow and steady across long distances. Each type of boat has its own unique schematics that helps them float and sail through the water in a different way. In that same way, each person is designed to create and move through their journey in their own unique way. That’s because each one of us truly has our own signature expression we’re meant to leave our mark on the world with. 

In this module you’ll understand your own unique 7th dimensional Manifesting Blueprint. Having this awareness will help you consciously move through your soul’s desired experiences of growth with clear intention and efficiency!

Learn and understand your signature 7th dimensional manifesting blueprint that your soul was designed to manifest most efficiently through. These schematics give definition to the path your soul planned for your optimal growth in this lifetime. The more you’re familiar with how your “boat” was built to float, the better you can handle and steer your ship through your journey.

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