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MODULE 4 | Navigating with the Stars from Where I Stand

This module is all about setting your sights. Now that you have a clear vision, you’ve lifted the anchors, cleared your path, and familiarized yourself with how your “ship” most efficiently sails through manifestation, it’s time for us to get a good look at the journey ahead.

We’ll do things a little bit differently in this module and start with a 1:1 session to talk in-depth about your goals/vision/intention. We’ll do a reality check to see just how feasible your vision is, flesh it out and refine it to clearly define your Lighthouse.  With your refined and defined Lighthouse I’ll read your energetic landscape and track record to give you possible timelines for your journey ahead.

The readings from this module will give you an energetic “reality check” and assessment of possible timelines for your journey and how much energetic shift you’ll need to undergo to align to your Lighthouse. This alignment is the gateway that opens you up to arriving at, manifesting and embodying your Lighthouse vision. Your reading will also include a brief personal astrology transit report from Ayla Rose to help you navigate with the stars.

After your 1:1 sessions we’ll convene as a group to go over your readings and share your visions as a practice in being heard speaking your truth and being seen shining your light. Ayla Rose will also be a guest speaker for this session, to give us a collective heads up on the celestial weather ahead.

You'll receive:

  • .PDF of your reading SAMPLE READING

  • One 30 minute 1:1 private session scheduled between July 24-27 (recorded and available for download)

  • 1.5 hr live group session via Zoom on Sunday, July 28 @ 2pm (recorded and link emailed)

  • A reality and timeline check for your Lighthouse journey

  • Astrological transit report

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