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MODULE 5 | Light the Way



I can speak from experience when I say that going through the “growing pains” of soul growth can be rough without connection and support. To support your journey, we’ll spend six weeks together, putting together what we’ve learned in the previous modules into practice with practical, action oriented steps. With me as your resource to help you light the way through the fog of fear, doubt and confusion, we’ll collaboratively plot a course of divinely inspired action towards your Lighthouse.

Photo by  Simon Migaj

Photo by Simon Migaj

We’ll start off with a live group Feel Trip- a guided meditation to “meet and greet” your crew- your Spirit Squad, if you will- who is always with you throughout your journey. In this visualization exercise you’ll have the chance to meet a few of your key Spirit Guides and receive any messages and gifts relevant to this phase of your journey. In this way, you can have a direct dialogue with your guides to experience and be reminded of just how supported you always are, wherever you choose to take your journey.

Over the next six weeks, our weekly check-ins will fully utilize the concept of calculated intuition to help you light the way to your Lighthouse. Our sessions will include brainstorming sessions supported by calculated intuitive readings to check the energetic impact of the various inspired new actions and choices you come up with.

With your flow of bright ideas and my energetic tracking method to help you make highly informed choices, you can chart the most efficient course for your journey truly aligned to the essence of your Lighthouse. This will allow you to focus your efforts on inspired new actions that would best utilize your gifts, serve your purpose and give you the most energetic “bang” for your buck to energetically move you towards your Lighthouse.

“Between her gentle push and validations, I have kicked my business off and shifted every aspect of my life. New doors continue to open for me as the universe guides me to my goals after this program.”

-Hai T., Lighthouse alumni

The deeper transformation that is also available in this six-week module is an embodied experience of your own intuition. As you focus on the flow of inspired ideas backed by measurable energetic calculations, you have an opportunity to collect real-life validation of what aligned choices feel like in your body- the closest to “proof” of your spiritual connection that you can get with concrete numbers as tangible measurements. The more that you are encouraged to follow through with the strong hits of intuition you receive (backed by energetic calculations), the more that you strengthen your connection with the Divine as mindfully creating your experience with intuitive awareness becomes a natural process. This module serves simply as “training wheels” as you move into an experience of the deeper magic within you that lies beyond the numbers.


This six week module includes:

  • Two online group sessions with Feel Trips (August 4 and September 15) to connect you to your guidance

  • Six weekly 1:1 online sessions between August 7- September 14 which gives you FULL ACCESS to my multi-dimensional intuitive, energetic and practical toolkit to help you chart your course:

    • calculated intuitive readings to help you track shifting timelines, the energetic impact of choices you’re contemplating, and the actual energetic results of new actions you’ve taken

    • energetic status updates on your Manifesting Blueprint (from MODULE 3 )

    • guided meditations if you need additional communication with your Spirit Squad (choose from any of the listed Day Trips)

    • practical, actionable “homework” to help keep you on track

  • Deeper practice and experience with tangible “proof” of your intuition and role as a Divine Creator

  • And, of course, holding safe, non-judgmental, and compassionate space for you to process any discomfort that might come with the process of soul growth

*Limited number of OPTIONAL “All Hands On Deck” Sessions available to supplement your journey. This session is a 1:1 comprehensive board meeting with your Higher Self and your Spirit Squad. It’s a great opportunity to ask ALL the questions you might have about your journey.


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