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MODULE 3 | How Does Your Boat Float?

In this module we’ll be diving into your unique manifestation blueprint- the schematics of how you were designed to manifest. 

Just like boats, not everyone is built the same way. Some boats are built for speed, while some are meant to go slow and steady across long distances. If a cruise ship tried to go close to the beach because it tried to follow the path of an outrigger canoe, it would run aground and get stuck in the shallow water. Each type of boat has its own unique schematics that helps them float and sail through the water in its own most efficient way. In that same manner, each person is designed to create and move through their journey in their own unique way.

We’ll explore your Manifesting Blueprint, going over in detail the 7th dimensional schematics that your soul was designed to manifest most efficiently through. These schematics give definition to the path your soul planned for your optimal growth in this lifetime. The more you’re familiar with how your “boat” was built to float, the better you can handle and steer your ship through your journey.

Not only will we go over how your boat was built to float, but your reading will also include the current settings you’re attempting to sail with now. This will allow you to identify how and in which areas to shift your manifestation process to make the most out of your journey.


You'll receive:

  • .PDF of your reading SAMPLE PDF

  • 1.5 hr live group session via Zoom on Thursday, July 18 @ 12pm (recorded and link emailed) *note change in date and time

  • One 30 minute 1:1 private session scheduled between July 18-22 (recorded and available for download)

  • AWARENESS of how you can most efficiently manifest your intentions

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