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MODULE 2 | Anchors Aweigh!

Now that you’ve activated your light and have seen the possibilities calling out the best in you, some of you might be itching and raring to zoom ahead to your Lighthouse. Or on the other side of the spectrum, some of you might be trying to convince yourselves that it’s not worth a try. Regardless of which state you’re in, if you can hear a voice inside of you that’s silently calling you forward, the next step is to clear the path ahead.

What often gets in the way of people moving towards their dreams is that they don’t believe it’s possible, often because they don’t believe in themselves. So many people don’t believe they’re capable, deserving or worthy to be the one to bring their dreams into reality. They often guilt themselves away from their dreams by thinking to themselves, “Who am I to ask for more? Who am I to even think that I deserve better?” If you were to ask me, it’s an even bigger disservice to withhold possibilities from the world.

Photo by Lucas Sankey

Photo by Lucas Sankey

In my experience, it’s a matter of memory. We remember old stories- those we’ve been told by others and those we’ve told ourselves. These stories of disempowerment, worthlessness, not-enough-ness, and pain cause us to make ourselves smaller and silence our voices to keep ourselves safe from the fears of “what if?”. But the thing with these stories is that they’re only a page in our story. The problem is that we don’t remember the original story- the story of the wholeness of who we truly are. 

For many of us, we long for and attempt to create new experiences from a place of lack, disempowerment or misalignment from the truth of who we truly are- Divine Creators.

We want more power because we don’t feel safe. We want more money because we don’t think we have enough. We want more love to prove that we’re deserving. We want more attention to make ourselves feel worthy to be seen.

When we create from this space, we often struggle because we have to work even harder against barriers and blocks we’ve put up ourselves. And even when we get what we ask for, it will never feel like enough if the longing comes from a place of lack. Because of this, we often burn out before we even get to enjoy “arriving” at the destination of our goals and dreams.

How would the story change if you remembered the wholeness of who you are?

How would you be empowered to create if you were reminded of your Divine gifts- the innate blessings you were meant to share with the world through your heart-led creations?

How much would you be encouraged if you discovered your Soul’s origin and that you’ve had lifetimes of experience painting worlds with your colorful expressions?

How supported would you feel if you discovered just how much guidance is at your disposal- all you have to do is simply ask?

How much more would you embrace and lean into LIFE if you knew that all those past stories of hurt were exactly what your soul needed to push you to grow, learn the lessons and gain the experience to serve your purpose?

It becomes a completely different experience to explore possibilities and create new realities from the wholeness of your being. When you remember yourself as a Divine creator, creating new experiences and new ways of being becomes less and less a means of escape. Creating from wholeness becomes a playful heart-led journey of creativity, discovery and self-actualization driven by wonder and love in action.

To help you remember your wholeness and clear the way to your Lighthouse, we’ll dive deep with a Soul Realignment Akashic Record reading. With an online video course format that walks you through your reading at your pace in the convenience of your own time, you’ll get insight into how your soul was meant to shine its light in this lifetime. Step into awareness of your Divine Gifts, Soul Origin, your Higher Self Connection, Soul Vibration and Life Lessons that you chose to experience in this lifetime that influence and color your Divine light. This reading will gift you with a remembrance of your wholeness and how supported you are so that you can fully utilize your gifts to create new possibilities and lean into new ways of being.

After exploring your potential through following the video, we’ll go 1:1 to discuss and face any blocks that might be keeping you anchored into old patterns that no longer serve you in this new phase of your journey. These blocks may have originated from beliefs and patterns you consciously or unconsciously picked up on in the past or even past lifetimes. These blocks are what hold us back from our fullest Divine self expression.

Shining a light on these blocks with awareness, you become empowered to make the choice to consciously create a new path. To support your transition into a NEW story in your journey, you’ll receive a customized 21-day energetic clearing exercise for you to become your own healer and clear the path to your Lighthouse.

This module is all about shattering illusions to get out of your own way and lean into your light.



$333/reading for first timers

$155/reading if you’ve already had one done before CLICK HERE IF YOU’RE A RETURNING CLIENT

You'll receive:

  • .PDF outline of your reading

  • A walkthrough of your SOUL PROFILE reading in an online video course format

  • One 30 minute 1:1 online consultation via Zoom to go over your LIFE SITUATION reading and any questions from your SOUL PROFILE reading (video recorded and emailed)

  • CUSTOMIZED 21-day ENERGETIC CLEARING EXERCISE to facilitate and enact your own clearing and healing

  • On 30 minute 1:1 accountability/follow up Zoom session after 21 days to help you integrate and process your clearing

  • AWARENESS of your own unique signature expression of Divinity

  • CONNECTION with your purpose in this lifetime

  • EMPOWERMENT to take the driver’s seat in your life journey

  • TOOLS to become your own guru and healer

  • ALIGNMENT to the truth of who you really are

sample reading and clearing .PDF

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