It’s with both fear and excitement that I announce the launch of the Lighthouse Program. It’s the first program of its kind that Holding Space has EVER offered, so that explains the butterflies in my stomach as I type this. But I KNOW it’s needed and so I’m clearing the way through the voices of fear to introduce this new baby of mine.

How do I know that this program is needed? Because it was exactly what I needed and use in my own creative process. The Lighthouse program uniquely serves as a bridge between the logical, calculating mind and the flow of intuition (perfect for my Gemini brain). It’s a program that has allowed me to “know so I can let go”. It’s the lighthouse that has served as the beacon to guide me when the darkness of my doubt and the fog of confusion has obscured my view.

So, WHAT IS IT? The Lighthouse Program is a navigation program for people who are ready to explore new ways of being. Goals and possibilities that call to us are like new destinations waiting to be explored. Goals or possibilities that we desire to experience require us to go through a process or journey in order for us to experience a new way of being. The Lighthouse program helps you to navigate through YOUR unique path that will align and lead you to your desired “destination”.

HOW? Calculated intuition. Using a similar process that I use in my Akashic Record readings I use calculated intuitive readings to:

  • help you define your intention or destination to make sure it is in alignment with the truth of who you are

  • recognize and lift the anchors that are keeping you in the old patterns of your current experience

  • familiarize yourself with YOUR unique manifestation blueprint- a breakdown of the unique schematics of YOUR ship that navigates through the seas of your experience.

  • calculate and track the energetic impact of your ideas and choices and how close they’ve moved you to your destination so that we can plot the course that will make the most out of your efforts, time, and gifts

  • reconnect you with your own intuition and guide you as you learn to use your inner compass. By the end of this 8 week program you’ll learn the tracking method that I use so you can read your own energetic position and readjust your course as YOU continue to navigate through your own journey

If this speaks to you, sign up below and you’ll be sent the link to join our LIVE online discussion on March 3 where we’ll go over the details of the program and you can learn how to light YOUR Lighthouse. IT’S GONNA BE LIT!

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