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FEEL TRIP: Crossing paths in our timeless journey

  • Enlightened Meditation 493 South Market Street San Jose, CA, 95113 United States (map)

“Self-knowledge involves relationship. To know oneself is to study one self in action with another person. Relationship is a process of self evaluation and self revelation. Relationship is the mirror in which you discover yourself - to be is to be related.” 

-Bruce Lee

In our current existence, no man is truly ever isolated. Each being is connected and part of the whole. Every single one of us holds a piece of truth and every interaction we have with another provides feedback that gives insight into our own being and the nature of reality.

Given the concept of reincarnation, it is my belief that each lifetime we choose to live provides us a rich opportunity for experience. Each lifetime allows us to explore and express different aspects of ourselves, creating a unique masterpiece with each lifetime fully lived. Most of us incarnate with a “Soul Tribe”- souls who we’ve shared meaningful experiences with in one of our lifetimes and for one reason or another, agreed to play out certain patterns or explore certain themes with.

Many agreements are born from earnest efforts to help each other discover the fullness of our being. In these cases, we may serve as catalysts, mirrors or playmates that call us to explore and realize our expansive nature as Divine beings. Some of these agreements, however, may have been formed through contracts, attachments or agreements that no longer serve our soul’s growth. In these relationships, the patterns that play out hold us back from the truth of who we really are.

For the month of February I’m Holding Space for a deeper exploration of the relationships in our lives. On February 9th I’ll be hosting a special Feel Trip session where I’ll be guiding you through a past life regression and discussion focused on relationships. This is a unique opportunity to experience and witness a meaningful relationship from a different perspective in the context of a different lifetime, giving more light to the “backstory” of your connection. Experiencing a past life with a significant person in your current life can give insight into karmic patterns that may heavily influence your current relationship. By becoming aware of the circumstances and choices that color your relationship will help you to be more conscious and present in the interactions you choose to have.

This experience is being offered as a complement to the Akashic Record relationship readings I’m offering for a limited time. We all receive and understand information differently, so I love holding space through Feel Trips for others to actually experience the answers they’re looking for.  There is a deeper level of integration when something is actually experienced rather than simply heard or read from somebody else. It is always my aim to connect people with their own knowing and power.

I hope this experience helps to light the path in your journey.


February 9 | 7:30-9:00pm | $35 Enlightened Meditation Studio 493 S Market San Jose, CA 95113