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Soul Explorer Spotlight Session #2

Join us this Sunday on Instagram for another IG LIVE conversation- the second session of the Soul Explorer Spotlight series. (Yes! I’m doin’ it and really making it a thang!) I’m totally digging the potential that opens up in people (myself included) when they allow themselves to be seen simply exploring the fullness of their being. For this session I’ll be Holding Space with Ayla Rose (@aylatherose), director of Innerstanding at Live Lotus. In her service to the community she’s brought together, she’s provided me with the only sense of “church” I’ve had with a group that I’ve felt deeply at Home in.  This was crucial for me as it provided me with a sense of belonging when I felt alone in the “craziness” of my thoughts when I first started exploring my spirituality.

Over the years, intimately sharing our vulnerabilities and reaching out to each other for support has unlocked gifts in us that we didn’t even realize we held. In this conversation, we’ll be sharing our vulnerability with you all as we feel into and get comfortable with the “unknowing-ness” of the liminal spaces we’re finding ourselves in at this powerful time. Join us as we explore and see what insights reveal themselves through shared intimacy- or IntoMeSee, as Ayla brilliantly put it (I love word play!). 

Watch the video here: