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Soul Explorer Spotlight

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If I could have my way, I'd be recording this conversation, giggling in a hot tub- or even better yet, chillaxing in a hot spring! It's the only way to match the bubbling warm energy that I feel every time I have a conversation with Emmie Nikolina Garcia of Emmie Evolving.

Join us LIVE on Sunday night. In this Spotlight session we'll be sharing how we've been individually dealing with what many of us are being powerfully called to do these days- listening to and healing our inner child. We’ll be sharing how life has taken us on a turn back down memory lane as powerful opportunities to give the little kid inside of us the presence, permission to shine, and love we’ve been longing for all these years.

We’ll probably be telling a lot of dirty jokes, making funny faces, or even just crying... And it’s all cool. Allowing ourselves to show up in whatever way our inner child chooses reveals the path which we’re meant to take in order to truly grow up.