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GALACTIVATION: Exploration and Activation of your Cosmic Self

  • San Jose, CA 95148 (map)

Have you ever felt a deep longing for "Home"? Have you always felt a deep connection with the night sky and the twinkling planets and stars above? Have you always felt out of place, not quite comfortable with "the way things are" here on Earth? Have you always had a lingering longing for a sense of belonging? If so, you may be a Starseed- a soul that originated from another planet in the solar system or from a completely different star system.

Like humans on Earth who travel to different places for different experiences, opportunities and jobs, souls also travel for similar reasons. The Earth experience offers its own unique set of experience, challenges, opportunities, and lessons. Some souls travel here simply for the experience, some come as refugees, and some come here for a specific job or mission. When souls travel, they often carry the energy, traits and characteristics of their Soul Group of Origin, flavoring their experience and the energy of the situations they find themselves in, wherever they choose to go. Many of us have come here on Earth as starseeds to bring knowledge or anchor in energies from these places that we came from to guide those in the Earth experience towards a new and expansive way of being. 

This Galactivation is a way to reconnect with your cosmic self on multiple levels.  

During this explorative event I'll be offering Akashic Record readings to look into your Soul Group of Origin as we discuss the various traits and characteristics of different soul groups (starseeds). This information can help you learn about the energies, lessons and gifts your soul was brought into being to express and share.  This information will help give you an awareness of your cosmic roots to help you better understand the part you play at this time here on Earth.

Not only will you simply learn and hear about your cosmic soul origin, you'll also have the opportunity to experience it as well. We'll travel through time and space through guided meditation so that you can experience that life and fully activate the energies and lessons you were meant to bring into this current Earth experience.

After exploring our inner space to rediscover your cosmic roots, we'll take a field trip down the road to our local community college to join them for their monthly stargazing meetup. You'll have access to scientific information about your "Home", how to find it in the night sky and possibly even see it through one of their powerful telescopes. With this information you can better navigate the "map" of the night sky and visually connect with "Home" in the sky.

This is a unique opportunity to explore, reconnect with and activate your cosmic roots on so many levels! Galactivating!


5:30-6:30pm Enjoy a delicious light dinner prepared by Conscious Kitchen SJ as we settle into a discussion of Starseeds/Soul Groups of Origin. We'll also be going over the Akashic Record readings identifying each person's Soul Group of Origin (reading is optional).

6:40-7:00pm Sound bath offered by Paulyn of Lazuli Yoga to relax and prime the mind for transition into meditation.

7:00-7:45pm Cosmic exploration and time travel through guided meditation. 

7:45-8:00pm Share your stories.

8:00-10:00pm Optional off-site Field Trip! We'll be driving down the road to join Evergreen Valley College's monthly stargazing meetup where they discuss astronomy and allow public use of their powerful telescopes to get a glimpse of the moon, planets, and stars. Take this opportunity to ask questions, familiarize yourself with the map of the night sky so you can easily identify and connect with “Home”. We’ll be outdoors so please dress warmly.

This will be an intimate event so spaces will be very limited. FORERUNNERS save $10 by purchasing your tickets early.

Excited to hold (and explore) space with you!



The optional Akashic Readings take some time for me to prepare, so please plan to purchase your tickets in advance.  Full name (Current and at birth, if different), time and place of birth are required if you'd like to receive a reading.

Also, please note that people experience guided meditation in different ways. For the most optimal experience, please refrain from ingesting any mood altering substances or medications on the day of the event. This includes alcohol, marijuana, caffeine and anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medications.

Please contact me at before purchasing a ticket if you have any questions.

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