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In this episode of the Soul Explorer Spotlight, Kay dela Cruz of Triligraphy shares her story of embracing her creative passions. She shares how the voices of doubt from her father initially made her question pursuing the creative avenues that called to her, but there's no escaping what call us. Kay's life journey led her to experiences that may have detoured away from her passion, but ended up enriching her perspective and leading her back to her (he)art. And now she draws on that rich experience to color the way she chooses to share healing with her art.

We also dive into the fears we both face in our creative process and how rewarding it becomes when we get through them. Sharing in those vulnerable moments kept us connected over the years and is one of the reasons we came to collaborate with our coming Mindful Creation workshops.

Have you ever wondered about the nature of reality? I mean beyond what we can see and touch? Why are we here and who made us? How do we experience the world around us and what's the point? In this session of Soul Explorer Spotlight I chat with Chris Messina , technologist and product developer, “inventor of the #hashtag”, as we discuss how we see spirit and technology merge in our evolving reality. Whatever the nature of reality, I love the way it works. Revealing your truth, no matter how weird and no matter how many times it changes and evolves, sends out a beacon that calls into your experience the people and situations that reflect it back to you.

In this episode we dive in with Joanne Encarnacion of @GOFITJO. We talk about her journey of coming to terms with her own truth as a basis of self-love and how this has helped her thrive even through the dark moments in her life.
This episode's guest was a little shy to go live, but she was willing to be seen and heard and recorded, so it totally counts. I credit Erin with helping me break down the walls I had put up around my heart which totally let the light in.

In the second episode of this series I get up close and personal with Ayla Rose, director of Innerstanding at Live Lotus Yoga Studio. In her service to the community she’s brought together, she’s provided me with the only sense of “church” I’ve had with a group that I’ve felt deeply at Home in. This was crucial for me as it provided me with a sense of belonging when I felt alone in the “craziness” of my thoughts when I first started exploring my spirituality. Over the years, intimately sharing our vulnerabilities and reaching out to each other for support has unlocked gifts in us that we didn’t even realize we held. In this conversation, we felt into and got comfortable with the “unknowing-ness” of the liminal spaces we’re finding ourselves in at this powerful time.

Our stories need to be heard. Choosing to engage in a journey of deep soul diving discovery can feel pretty lonely at times, especially if you're just starting out. EPISODE 1- Holding Space with Katrina of On the Way to Wellness on IG Live In my last interview with @magick.heart it coincidentally ended up being on the day of a full blood moon with a lunar eclipse to boot.

Holding Space with Venus Soul Profile Reading + Quantum Healing Hypnosis Testimonial

In my first ever interview I dive deep with Venus as we talk about her Holding Space experience(on a full blood moon lunar eclipse as Mercury retrogrades. How's that for celestial?).

Shaping Your Reality: A Scientific and Spiritual Exploration A discussion of how our thoughts shape our reality. This is my story.